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       Multiple Sclerosis and Informed Consent Project


        Medical Research depends upon the cooperation of many people.  In  particular,

       patients agree to serve as research subjects.  Based on their experience, the

       effectiveness and side-effects of experimental treatments are evaluated. 


       The decision to participate in a medical research study is important and

       potentially risky.  Yet, some individuals, especially those experiencing neurologic

       illness may have difficulties with memory, attention, and problem-solving.  Because

       of these problems, some people with M.S. may have difficulty deciding whether to

       participate in medical research.


       In this research project, we aim to examine how well people with M.S. can decide

       whether to serve as research participants in medical research.


                              MS and Informed Consent Study Brochure 


       What is involved?  


       People who participate in the study will be seen for a single testing session that will

      last approximately 3 hours.  The appointment will be arranged at a time and location

      of your convenience. 


      During the testing, participants will be asked to do several different activities.  For

      instance, they will learn lists of words and short stories, and they will also be asked

      to learn information about a fictional research project.  They will then be asked

      various questions concerning this fictional research project.  These tests involve

      absolutely no pain, but you may feel tired afterwards.  Generally, people who have

      taken these tests report that they are interesting, challenging, and fun. 


       Is there a charge for this testing?


       There is absolutely no charge for participating!  You are helping the research team

      through your participation.  The results of this research may be beneficial to other

      people with M.S.


       Can I expect anything in return for my time?


       You will be paid $125.00 for your time.  Additionally, you will receive money for lunch,

      and should you travel from outside of Tulsa, your mileage will be reimbursed. 

      Furthermore, if you require an escort, they will be reimbursed for lunch and mileage.


       Who can participate?


       We need anyone with a diagnosis of M.S. who is between the ages of 18 and 65 years. 

      We also need individuals who do not have M.S. to participate as part of our comparison

      group.  This is an excellent opportunity for friends or family to take an active role in

      M.S. research. 


       Who is funding this research?


       The research is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

       How do I participate?



                              Dr. Michael Basso

                              Department of Psychology

                              University of Tulsa

                              600 South College Avenue

                              Tulsa, OK 74104

                              (918) 631-5472