This Week’s Group Ride – West Bank Trail

We’ll be increasing the distances of our group rides each week until the end of the year to help everyone get ready for whatever endurance events you may have planned for the summer. This week is a 28 mile route to South Tulsa via the West Bank Riverparks trail. Meet at Bayless Plaza at 1pm on Sunday 3/30. See you there!


Riverside This Week?

Hey guys. Might be a little chilly, but I think we’ll stick with our normal group ride time this week. Saturday 2/16 at 11am. Meet at Bayless. We haven’t done Riverside in a while and it probably won’t be too crowded because of the weather. We’ll probably go 20-30 miles, depending on what everyone feel like doing. Here’s a tentative route:

Sperry Ride

This week’s group ride will be a fast and flat trip to Sperry. Weather looks good on Sunday so we’ll meet at Bayless Plaza on Sunday, February 3 at 11am. Route is about 27 miles. If you’re training for tri with us, be aware that Saturday and Sunday are flipped this week. Swimming will be Saturday at 1pm and cycling at 11am Sunday. Optional run will follow the ride. See you there!

Triathlon Training

We’ll be having daily triathlon training events until our races in March. Anyone in the TU community is welcome to join us in any of these events!

7:30am Longer Distance Run (Bayless Plaza)
7:00pm Swim (W.L. Hutcherson YMCA, Pine & Peoria)
7:30am Stationary Bikes (2nd Floor, Collins Fitness Center)
7:30am Speed-Focused Run (Indoor Track, Collins Fitness Center)
7:00pm Swim (W.L Hutcherson YMCA)
7:30am Standard Run (Bayless Plaza)
Morning Bike/Run Brick (Bayless Plaza), time may vary
1:00pm Challenge Swim (Hutcherson YMCA)

Lefko Hill Ride

Our first group ride of the semester will be this Saturday 1/19/13. Meet at Bayless Plaza at 11:00 am. There’s a cool route through some winding roads near Lefko Hill in Sand Springs. If you’ve never been, it’s a good time with some cool views. Hope to see you there!

Osage Prairie Trail Ride

Howdy y’all!

Get pumped up for this week’s ride. We’re headed to Skiatook via the Osage Prairie Trail. If you’ve never been, the scenery is awesome and the changing of the seasons makes it even more impressive. We’ll leave from Bayless Plaza on Saturday, 11/10 at 9am. The route is about 35 miles. Here is a map:

If this is your first ride with us, be sure you bring a helmet and a signed liability waiver. It is also helpful to check out the Group Ride Guide on the wiki. This is a no-drop ride, but we’ll try to keep the pace up to about 15mph. We should be back on campus by about 11:30. See you there!


Group Ride to Sand Springs Lake

This week’s ride will take us from campus to Sand Springs Lake! Meet at Bayless Plaza on Sunday, September 23 at 12:30pm. We will travel down 3rd St. to downtown, get on the KATY trail to Sand Springs and circle around the lake. We might take a short break there as well. The weather drove some people away last week, but this week’s ride should be sunny and 60s! Distance is 19 miles. We should be back on campus by 2:00pm.

If you haven’t yet ridden with us, take some time to check out the Group Rides page on our wiki, or if you’re an experienced rider, feel free to add to the page. Email with questions. See you there!


Survey results are in… and at least 7 people have said they would like for us to have custom jerseys made. These will be requred by everyone who races with us in the Spring 2013 season (USAC says we have to all be wearing the same thing). A couple of years ago, USAC had a contest for the best collegiate kits. Check out the entries here. A few in particular caught my eye:

If you’d like to help out with design/ordering/logistic we would like to form a small committee to take care of everything. We definitely need to be done with this project by March, but it would be awesome to have them even sooner so we can wear them on group rides. If you’d like to help, just shoot us an email!

First Group Ride!

We had our first group ride today! About 10 miles and we only got lost twice and only drew blood/crashed once! Here are some pics:

Join us next Sunday (9/16) at 8am. We’ll ride about 20 miles and be back by 10am for those who need to get to church. Post-ride breakfast burritos will be provided (hopefully)! Everyone is welcome; just bring your bike, a helmet and a signed liability waiver. See you then!