Welcome to the Digital Keywords Workshop!

The Digital Keywords Workshop, a boutique scholarly forum hosted by the University of Tulsa, is partnering with our friends at the scholarly hub Culture Digitally to work though and critique some terms central to our research and the digitally lit world. We seek to publish, on the fortieth anniversary of Raymond William’s 1976 classic Keywords, short keyword provocations accessible to educated readers of English and at once relevant to current scholarly research: our goal is to get at the very basics of topics that fascinate and animate our work.

Selected scholars and students were invited to fully draft short digital keyword entries during the 2013-2014 academic year.  Now, during the summer of 2014, these keyword drafts are debuting at Culture Digitally for an open comment period. Please read, comment, and help jump start the conversation online!

On October 10 and 11, 2014, invited participants will meet in the Henry Zarrow Center for Art and Education in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District to constructively critique and workshop their drafts in person. The workshop format seeks to maximize constructive critique and minimize (i.e. eliminate) paper reading: each keyword discussion will begin with a prepared critical respondent and then collect other comments from the group. A regular revision and editing process will commence after the workshop.

So please spread the word, stay tuned, follow us on Twitter @DigitalKeywords, and join in the conversation at Culture Digitally.

While the conference organizers do not have additional funding, anyone interested in participating in these conversations but with questions about how they might do so should feel free to be in touch with Benjamin Peters at ben-peters [AT] utulsa.edu.

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