International Law Students'

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   Our group is a chapter of the ILSA (International Law Students' Association) group located in Washington, D.C. By being a chapter of ILSA our group provides current information for members regarding Moot Court competitions, student internships, employment opportunities, conferences, and other areas of law from which members wish to acquire information for their own benefit and pleasure.

   Overall, our group invites students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds to participate in discussions, speaker forums, and community/social events that promote international and comparative law. We hope to raise awareness of the growing influence of globalization, a trend that requires closer scrutiny of international legal issues. ILSA is dedicated to monitor recent events, especially in areas such as international relations and global competition and cooperation.

   This group focuses on the broad legal issues that comprise the practice of international and comparative law. Several legal issues that are examined include trade law, energy law (oil and gas), health and environmental law, NAFTA, and the European Union.

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