University of Tulsa Linux Users Group

Next Meeting

Hi everyone,

We have a few fun things happening in the coming weeks.

First off, we're holding a meeting Tuesday, April the 17th at 7:30PM in room M4. And yes, there will be food. We'll be discussing and planning an open-source project that all LUG members can participate in. We will also hold elections for next year's officers.

If you would like to run for office and cannot make the meting, please shoot us an email so we can add you to the ballot.

Also coming up on the agenda is the installfest which we've tentatively scheduled for the first day of dead-days on Tuesday, April the 24th. We'll have food and gear to help anyone get Linux installed on their computer.

In the meantime, check out the forum for some discussions. Let's try to get a list of ideas for our project before the next meeting.

Hope to see you soon!

Dennis Hodapp
LUG President

Linux Shell

Last week, we gave a presentation on learning the Unix/Linux shell.

Here is the slideshow that will be used during the presentation:

Learning Shell (odp)

Learning Shell (pdf)