Danielle A. Macdonald, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Macdonald’s current research explores hunter-gatherer aggregation through material culture to understand how individuals organized tasks at the Terminal Pleistocene site of Kharaneh IV, Jordan. Her other interests include method development for lithic microwear analysis and the applications of 3D microscopy for archaeological research. This research is developing new methods for the quantification of microwear traces through the use of microscopes developed for the field of surface metrology. Dr. Macdonald is currently the co-director of the Kharaneh IV excavation project in the Azraq Basin, Jordan.


Website Links: TU Faculty Website; Academia; ResearchGate


Colleen A. Bell, Doctoral Candidate

Colleen is a Doctoral Candidate in Archaeology conducting dissertation research in cognitive evolution. Working with the Visual Neuroscience Lab at the University of Oklahoma, Colleen is using EEG to map brain activity associated with stone tool production and testing the hypothesis that language and technological elaboration developed along parallel trends. Her other areas of interest include use-wear, residue analysis, lithic and debitage analysis, flint knapping, and experimental archaeology. She is also currently working on the digitization project of the experimental collections housed in the Lithic Microwear and Technology Laboratory for the creation of an online microwear reference database.


Website Link: Academia