Resources on Campus

In addition to the resources in the Lithic Microwear and Technology Laboratory, there are numerous microwear resources available within the Department of Anthropology and other departments at the University of Tulsa. 

Sensofar White-Light Confocal Microscope/Interferometer
Sensofar White-Light Confocal Microscope/Interferometer

White-light Confocal/Interferometer 

The Surface Metrology and Tribology Laboratory in the Department of Anthropology houses a Sensofar S-Neox white-light confocal/interferometer. This microscope is designed for the engineering field of surface metrology and images measurable surface topography at nanometer scales. Current research on this microscope involves methodological development of lithic microwear studies, developing a quantifiable method. 

FEI Helios Nanolab 600 SEM/FIB with EDX Analysis

 Scanning Electron Microscope 

The Nanotechnology Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering houses a scanning electron microscope.  This microscope performs three different functions useful for lithic microwear studies.  The Scanning Electron beam (SEM), with 1.5nm resolution, is a powerful tool in detecting striations which can indicate directionality of tool use and relative hardness of the worked material.  The Focused Ion Beam (FIB) can mill the surface of the sample with nanometer precision and can be monitored with the SEM so that the inside of the milled surface can be viewed.  This has great potential with polish formation research.  Finally, the Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDS or EDX) conducts an elemental analysis of points of interest on the sample.  Element signatures obtained from the EDX are used for residue identification such as hafting materials.