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The following are links to sites that are associated with or similar to current research in the Laboratory of Lithic Artifacts from the Near East.

Kharaneh IV Project

The Kharaneh IV project explores the nature of interaction and aggregation in the Azraq Basin at the end of the Pleistocene. Kharaneh IV is a multi-component Epipalaeolithic site located in the Eastern Desert of Jordan, at the western edge of the Azraq Basin. The high density of artifacts, repeated occupation, and the presence of multiple habitation structures suggests that several small groups were aggregating at Kharaneh IV. Excavations at Kharaneh IV explore evidence of this aggregation and social interaction in hunter-gatherer communities prior to the origins of agriculture.

Kharaneh IV Website

 Epipalaeolithic Foragers in Azraq Project (EFAP)

The Epipalaeolithic Foragers in Azraq Project (EFAP) focuses on developing a detailed understanding of hunter-gatherer behaviour in the Azraq Basin (Jordan), and placing this within the broader context of cultural transformation in southwest Asia at the end of the Pleistocene. We are investigating interrelated patterns of social behaviour, including mobility, inter-regional exchange, social organization, and palaeoecology, in order to understand how landscapes were socially constructed and ‘lived-in’ by human populations through a study of human burial practices, on-site activities, and use of the local landscape. Current excavations include Kharaneh IV and Shubeika.

EFAP Website