Dr. Newman's major area of work focuses upon assessing, understanding, and treating maladaptive responses to traumatic life events.  Currently, this work is focused on the intersection of journalism and traumatic stress studies including examining PTSD among journalists, reader response to news, and victims’ responses to news coverage about them. Since Dr. Newman is committed to educating the public and professionals about the meaning, aftermath, and treatment of psychological trauma, she has engaged in scholarship translating psychological knowledge about trauma into other fields of research. She is also collaborating with students and colleagues on projects examining gene by environment interactions that affect vulnerability to PTSD and treatment response, the effectiveness of a trauma-focused substance abuse diversion program, the developmental trajectories of at-risk children, and the development of a global survey assessing the nature of sexual harassment and assaultive events among journalists.  In conducting research with trauma survivors, Dr. Newman became intrigued by assumptions about the cost-benefits of trauma-related research; she has conducted research that focuses on participants' responses to research involvement.  Dr. Newman has authored over 100 articles, books, and publications examining topics such as trauma and substance abuse, treatment and assessment, teaching, and substance use effects.  Given the importance of understanding the cultural and political context of violence, she also has expertise in gender issues and has published work in the area.  Past research has focused on developing methods to measure trauma-related cognitive and affective themes, the assessment and nosology of complex PTSD, a longitudinal study of veterans, the development of a child interview for post-traumatic stress disorder, health outcomes and PTSD, and the role of PTSD in delinquency assessment and treatment.

Education and Degrees Earned:

• Ph.D. 1993 Clinical Psychology, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

• M.A. 1988 Psychology, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

• B.A. 1986 Psychology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

Awards and Recognitions:

• Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Research Award, 2013

• Shining Star Award, Family and Children’s Services, March, 2011

• Community Service Council Recognition Award, December, 2010

• Frank Ochberg Award for Media and Trauma Study, ISTSS, 2009

• Mentor of the Year Award, Women Study Program, 2009

• Medicine Wheel Award, University of Tulsa, 2007

• President, International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, 2006-2007

• Oscar Parson’s Distinguished Lecturer Award, Oklahoma Psychological Association, Division of Research and Training, 2002

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