Dr. Newman has an active research lab, Treatment and Assessment Center for Traumatic Stress. Major projects include studying journalism and trauma. Other studies entering their final phases include the evaulation of a prison-diversion program for substance-abusing women, campus sexual assault and consultation, and cultural idioms of distress in rural India.

Dr. Newman is the Research Director for the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, a project of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. The University of Tulsa houses the Dart Center Research Center and is one of 7 Dart Center offices across the world. The Research Center is conducting studies on the occupational health of journalists, scholarly literature reviews about the field of journalism in addition to understanding readers responses to particular types of news presentations about trauma. The TU office also produced the Dart Research Database. Dr. Newman regularly provides training to professional journalists both in the US and abroad. She has spoken at specialty trainings, journalism conferences all over the world, including Haiti, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Australia and several European countries. From January 2002-July 2002, Dr. Newman took a leave of absence from the University of Tulsa to create and directed the first satellite office of the Dart Center for Trauma and Journalism, dubbed Dart Center - Ground Zero Office. The Center provided educational and psychological support for journalists covering traumatic events. 

Dr. Newman is a co-director of the Tulsa Institute for Trauma, Adversity, and iNjustice (TITAN), an interdisciplinary institute committed to evidence-based education, scholarship, research, and service that reduce the incidence and impact of trauma and adversity. 

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