Students and volunteers

The University of Tulsa undergraduate and graduate students have conducted research in the collection as part of various courses. In addition, the collections are used as an integral part of teaching in the department of Anthropology and across campus. 

Research conducted in the lab


  • Fall 2017 ANTH 4993 Meg Grier "Evaluating Different Methods of Sexing and Aging Human Populations"
  • Spring 2014 ANTH 4993 Travis Brachtenbrat "Comparison of Field Methods for Determining Skeletal Age at Time of Death
  • Fall 2014 ANTH 6503 Melissa Miller "The Plausibility of Determining the Preferred Chewing Side of Hominids using Fossil Dental Wear"

Volunteers and lab workers

TU undergraduates and graduates students have worked in the lab since its inception. 

  • Victor Basso 
  • Katie Hill
  • Ashley Brown
  • Heather McGuire
  • Michelle Winkle 

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