Human Osteology Collection

The Human Osteology Collection contains a mix of skeletal and cranial remains (both cast and true bone) available for teaching and research purposes. All casts in the collection are reproductions by the company Bone Clones, Inc.

Female articulated skeleton

Skeletal Remains

Cranial Casts and Other Materials

Modern male Homo sapiens, fully articulated (2 male; 1 young, 1 with arthritis throughout)
Modern female Homo sapiens, fully articulated (1 young)
Modern male Homo sapiens, half disarticulated (7)
Modern female Homo sapiens, half disarticulated
Cranial Casts
African American male (4)
African American female (4)
Asian male (4, 1 of which is robust)
Asian female (4)
European male (5)
European female (5)

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