Human Pathology Collection

 The Human Pathology Collection within the Department of Anthropology contains examples of various common pathologies, all of which are used for teaching within the department but also available for guest lectures and outreach. All casts within the collection are the products of France Casting.

  • ¬†Osteoarthritis, showing severe exostosis with eburnation in the knee (4 examples)
  • Osteoarthritis with occupational changes on the radial bone (1 example)
  • Periostitis of the right tibia (4 examples)
  • Tuberculosis of the lower vertebral column (4 examples)
  • Septic arthritis of the knee (4 examples)
  • Deformation in the patella (1 example)
  • Syphilis of the femur (1 example)
  • Healed fracture of the femur (1 example)
  • Femur with signs of vitamin D deficiency (1 example)
  • Tibia with a healed fracture (1 example)
  • Pelvis malformation fusing to sacrum (1 example)

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