Primatology Collection

The Department of Anthropology contains an extensive Primatology Collection of skeletal as well as cranial casts. This collection primarily serves as a teaching collection for undergraduate classes, but is also available for guest lectures and public outreach. The casts within this collection are the products of Bone Clones, Inc. and Skulls Unlimited International, Inc.


Our collection holdings

Western Lowland Gorilla (4 male; 4 female)
Bornean Orangutan (4 male)
Orangutan (1 female)
Chimpanzee (4 male; 4 female)
Pygmy Marmoset (4 examples)
Sifaka Lemur (4 examples)
Rhesus Macaque (4 male)
Crab-eating Monkey (4 male; 4 female)
Howler Monkey (4 male)
Tarsier (4 examples)
Siamang (1 male; 2 female)
Large Siamang (3 male)
White-browed Gibbon (1 male)
Malayan Flying Lemur (3 examples)
White-handed Gibbon (6 male)

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