Welcome to the University of Tulsa Psychophysiology Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience. The laboratory is directed by Jamie Rhudy, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and professor in the TU Department of Psychology. Research in the laboratory broadly spans the area of affective neuroscience, with a specific focus on the interface of emotion and pain processing. The laboratory uses a variety of psychophysiological assessment techniques (e.g., electromyography, skin conductance, electrocardiography, electroencephalography) to assess pain, nociceptive responding, and other potentially related reactions (e.g., startle response). The eventual goal of this research is to identify mechanisms that contribute to and/or maintain chronic pain conditions, and to develop non-invasive methods for assessing individuals at risk for developing chronic pain.

Research Personnel

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Jamie L. Rhudy, PhD

Email: jamie-rhudy@utulsa.edu

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Director, Psychophysiology Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience

Dr. Jamie Rhudy Faculty Page

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Interests: Affect and pain modulation; neurobiology of affect; neurobiology of pain; affect and health; statistical analysis with an emphasis on longitudinal methods; health psychology/ behavioral medicine; psychophysiology; neurobiology of psychological disorders

*Dr. Rhudy is accepting a new student for enrollment in Fall 2018. For more information, click here. 


 Joanna O. Shadlow, PhD

 Email: joanna-shadlow@utulsa.edu

 Applied Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Joanna Shadlow Faculty Page

Interests: Joanna’s research interests are in the area of Native American health and clinical child psychopathology. She is very interested in investigating markers for chronic pain risk with a desire to create culturally appropriate pain interventions. Joanna’s time outside the office is spent with her family and traveling.


Shreela Palit, MA

Email: shreela-palit@utulsa.edu

PhD Student

Interests: Shreela’s broad research and clinical interests are in the realm of health psychology and behavioral medicine.  She is specifically interested in examining the interface of pain and stress/anxiety, investigating genetic and ethnic differences in pain processing, and developing novel psychological interventions for chronic pain.  In her spare time, Shreela enjoys choreographing and performing Indian dances and playing video games.


Yvette M. Güereca , MA

Email: yvette-guereca@utulsa.edu

PhD Student

Interests: Yvette’s interests are in the fields of clinical and health psychology. Primarily, she is interested in studying mental health disparity issues among ethnic and racial minorities, the underlying mechanisms of placebo analgesia, and the role of injustice in pain modulation. Clinically, Yvette is interested in working with underserved populations as well as the integration of the biopsychosocial model in multidisciplinary treatment teams. Yvette likes to burn off grad school stress through some Latin dancing (salsa, bachata, cumbia) as well as spending time with her family and friends.

Beth_Indiv_15-16Bethany L. Kuhn, MA

Email: bethany-kuhn@utulsa.edu

PhD Student

Interests: Bethany’s clinical and research interests focus on individuals with chronic illness and pain. She is interested in examining differences in underserved and understudied populations, specifically regarding pain processing. For fun, Bethany enjoys running trails and playing indoor soccer.

Edward_Indiv_13-14 Edward W. Lannon, MA

Email: edward-lannon@utulsa.edu

PhD Student

Interests: Edward’s clinical interest are in the area of severe mental health.  Specifically, in the areas of treatment in inpatient settings.  In regards to research, Edward’s interest include pain modulatory mechanisms.  For example, the modulation of pain due to different visual cues.  In his spare time, Edward enjoys watching movies and meeting up with friends.


Cassandra A. Sturycz, MA

Email: cas366@utulsa.edu

PhD Student

Interests: Cassie earned her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology at Western Kentucky University before being admitted to the University of Tulsa, in the fall of 2014.  Her research focus has involved the role of physical pain in nonsuicidal self-injury and the predisposition to increased suicide risk in individuals with diminished pain sensitivity.  She hopes to explore the physiological mechanisms that may contribute to a predisposition to self-injurious behaviors. When away from the lab, Cassie likes to spend time outdoors or in the kitchen trying out new recipes.


Michael F. Payne, MA

Email: michael-payne@utulsa.edu

MA Student

Interests: Michael’s interests include psychoneuroimmunology, health-related anxiety, eating disorders, and measurement issues within experimental pain.  In his free time, Michael enjoys running, cooking, and playing sports. Michael also enjoys watching the Oakland Raiders in their attempt to win football games.


Natalie M. Hellman, BA

Email: nah369@utulsa.edu

PhD Student

Interests: Natalie is interested in researching the ‘scar’ of interpersonal violence, or how the body responds to a physical or sexual assault. Specifically, she is interested in how risk and protective factors in the aftermath of a trauma can impact the development of subsequent problems (PTSD, chronic pain, etc.). When she is out of the lab, Natalie enjoys playing video games, exploring city festivals, and cheering on her Atlanta Falcons football team.

tylerfall2016Tyler Toledo, BS

Email: tyler-toledo@utulsa.edu

PhD Student

Interests: Tyler’s interests reside within the fields of clinical and health psychology. Specifically, he is interested in researching descending pathways that modulate pain, their neurophysiological mechanisms, and the relationship between cognitive processes and pain perception. In his free time, Tyler enjoys various forms of swing dancing (lindy hop, balboa, and east coast) and eating ranch flavored Doritos.


Lauren Clark

Undergraduate Student

Interests: Lauren is a junior undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Psychology on a Pre-med track. After graduating from TU, she hopes to attend medical school and eventually become a trauma surgeon. When not in the lab, she enjoys longboarding, hiking, hammocking, and breakdancing.

greyfall2016Grey Howard

Undergraduate Student

Interests: Grey is a junior from Edmond, Oklahoma. Grey runs on the track&field team and specializes in middle-distance running. Grey is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology along with minors in Coaching and History. His interests in psychology include health and sports psychology. Grey plans on pursuing a master’s degree upon graduating from TU. When he is not being a nerd in the lab, Grey can be found being a nerd somewhere else as he reads the latest Marvel comic book or takes his Jigglypuff for a walk. In addition to cultivating his nerdiness, Grey is often seen dunking on anybody that tries to guard him on the court.

sabrinafall2016Sabrina Monsees

Undergraduate Student

Interests: Sabrina isa sophomore undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in psychology with minors in Spanish and history.  After graduation, She hopes to attend graduate school to obtain a Ph.D in psychology. She is on the cross country and track team. She enjoy watching movies from every genre as well as Netflix documentaries, and she like reading, drinking coffee, eating out at new restaurants, and advocating for social justice.

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