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Be sure to visit TUOrgSpace for information about all the organizations on campus.

Applications for Justice and Clerk positions are now open! Fill one out below:

Spring 2017 Justice/Clerk Position

Senate: The Legislative Branch

The Basics

  • have a say in some of the most important issues facing our student body
  • be a representative for your college, residence hall, or for the student body as a whole

Make a difference.

Senators investigate and initiate movements toward real change here on campus. Senate works with the TU administration to improve student life and to ensure that student concerns and issues are heard. In previous years, this has led to the yellow bike program, better lighting in study areas, and digital signage in campus buildings.

Make it happen.

Senate oversees the formation and funding of student organizations, helping new student organizations to grow and recruit members and allowing students to put on events that they want to see on campus. Basically, Senate helps student organizations to put on bigger, better events. In the past, SA has helped to fund campus events such as Relay for Life, Greek philanthropy weeks, and free massages for students.

Make the rules.

Every year, Senators have the chance to create and modify the documents that guide our student government. From Constitutional amendments to guideline revisions, Senators have the chance to influence and enhance SA for years to come.

Application Process

To become a Senator, you must be elected by student vote. Applications will be available during the first week of September and February each year.

Cabinet: The Executive Branch

The Basics

  • plan, market, and produce events on campus
  • manage internal operations and goals

Create. Plan. Have Fun.

Members of cabinet are involved with every facet of the event planning process, from creative brainstorming to logistics. Cabinet works with comedians (Daniel Tosh, 2009) and musicians (Owl City, 2010) to bring the best of the entertainment to TU. Cabinet provides a variety of ways to help plan and manage SA efforts through the following positions:

  • Homecoming & Grad Party – Celebrate tradition with an annual bonfire and street painting competition.
  • Springfest – Give TU something to be excited about, from ferris wheels to rave dance parties to the Mr. and Ms. TU Pageant.
  • Community Service – Bring students together for a day of service in the community… and free shirts and food.
  • Athletics – Inspire school spirit with tailgates, giveaways, free food, music, and more.
  • Student Awareness – Get students engaged with important issues such as diversity and going green.
  • Multicultural Affairs – Promote diversity on the TU campus.
  • Public Relations – Act as a liaison between the student body and Cabinet.
  • Elections and Policy – Oversee campus elections and carry out policy changes.
  • Information Services – Manage the website and technology efforts for all of SA.
  • Graphics – Design and create advertising materials for events and initiatives.

Application Process:

To become a member of Cabinet, you must be appointed though an interview selection process. Applications for Executive Directors are available in April and for Associate Directors in August.

Judicial Council: The Judicial Branch

The Basics

  • interpret the SA governing documents and arbitrate in times of controversy
  • intervene in election disputes

Serve Justice.

Members of the Judicial Branch meet irregularly to adjudicate situations where there has been a possible violation of the Student Association governing documents. The Judicial Council can issue Writs of Election and Writs of Mandamus to enforce its rulings, and can prohibit members of the Student Association who violate court orders from holding office in SA. The Judicial Council can also render SA acts and legislation as null and void when in contradiction with the Constitution.

Application Process:

To become a Justice or Clerk, you must be appointed though an interview selection process. Applications for the Judicial Branch are in August and September.