Student Association Cabinet Members are divided into 3 sections: Operations, Programming, and Traditions.  Each section has multiple departments in it with each department being run by an Executive Director and a few Associate Directors.

Executive Directors are selected in May and Associate Directors are selected in August.

Executive Directors


Elections and Policy – Joshua Garland
Technological Development – Tali Harris
Public Relations – Kyra Manlove
Graphics – Taylor Tate


Student Awareness – Gabby Gunnerson
Multiculturalism and Diversity – Kyla Sloan

International Student Relations – Rapha Ngassa
Community Service – Griffen Livermore
University Events – Megan Skocdopole


Athletics – Candalyn Lyons
Homecoming and Grad Party – Luke Monsees
Springfest – Maddy Willis

Associate Directors


Elections and Policy – Ross Thompson
Public Relations – Brooke Ackermann, Lauren Beatty, Tessa Copeland, Mrduala Gattu, Sheridan Nolen
Graphics – Sydney Alison, Michaela Conn, Amelia Som de Cerff, Aiken Sujana


Student Awareness – Greyson Chance, Glenna Hirvela, Saranya Varanasi, Claire Wewers
International Student Relations – Tana Ali Kizi, Rigel Bacani, Parker Morrison, Reeza Redzuan
Community Service – Ryan Biggers, Mary Kennedy, Megan Sinik, Dhruv Varshney, Brittanie Whitney
University Events – Catherine Aaronson, Logan Hibbs, Stephanie Kealy, Cassandra Meador

Multiculturalism and Diversity – Ally Johnston, Kate Kieu, Evelin Lopez, Ryan Sklar


Athletics – Drew Bax, Connor Hagen, Eleni Schmitt
Homecoming and Grad Party – Austin Adams, Claire Chapman, Briana Northington, Elise Polk
Springfest – Nathan Duke, Isabel Lohr, Andrew Mangan, Micaela Young

Cabinet Meeting Minutes

2015-2016 Minutes

Cabinet minutes are available via Google Drive.

** Minutes are not verified until the next meeting *All Cabinet meetings are held Tuesdays at 5:00pm in the Student Union unless otherwise noted. Meeting time, date, and location are subject to change.

Click here for archived minutes.