What is it?

The Executive Branch

  • Presides over The Student Association
  • Liaison between administration and students
  • Assists students with event planning, operational, and program-specific needs




  • Facilitates Cabinet meetings
  • Retains the power to veto Senate bills
  • The face of the organization
  • Acts as the main bridge between organization, students, and administration

Vice President

  • Facilitates Senate meetings
  • Creates the docket for Senate
  • Educates organization on pending legislation


  • Documents minutes at Cabinet and Senate meetings
  • Tracks attendance for organization members
  • Manages SA email account


  • Ensures the organization and campus organizations are good stewards of their monetary resources
  • Creates the yearly budget
  • Manages budgets for campus organizations

Chief of Staff

  • Appointed by President
  • Assists organizations in event planning