What is it?

The Executive Branch

Presides over The Student Association

Liaison between administration and students

Assists students with event planning, operational, and program-specific needs

President – Conner Bender

Facilitates Cabinet meetings

Retains the power to veto Senate bills

The face of the organization

Acts as the main bridge between organization, students, and administration

Sits on the Board of Trustees

Vice President – Dhruv Varshney

Facilitates Senate meetings

Creates the docket for Senate

Educates organization on pending legislation

Secretary – Megan Sinik

Documents minutes at Cabinet and Senate meetings

Tracks attendance for organization members

Manages SA email account

Treasurer – Maddie Pickett

Ensures the organization and campus organizations are good stewards of their monetary resources

Creates the yearly budget

Manages budgets for campus organizations

Chief of Staff – Logan Hibbs

Appointed by President

Assists organizations in event planning

Deputy Chiefs of Staff РSweetwater Miller-Teehee & Zachary Freistedt

Oversees committee and department meetings

Works to develop strategies to better gauge the interest of the student body

Fulfills any significant tasks fellow executive members may not be able to accomplish