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Student Association Senators are elected by students to represent academic colleges, residence halls, apartments, and commuters. The Senate represents your voice on campus and helps fund your organizations.

Your Senator can write legislation on a range of issues affecting student life at TU. Let Senate know what you would like to see done on campus.

All students are encouraged to attend an SA Senate meeting. Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 9:00pm in Helmerich Hall Room 105. Minutes of past meetings are posted at the bottom of this page.


Event Sponsorship and Travel Allocations

Student organizations may get funding from SA for events through the event sponsorship allocations process. SA can help fund the cost of food, entertainment, advertising, and other expenses. If your student organization plans to attend a conference, convention, or workshop, SA can help fund part of the cost of the trip. SA may be able to help pay for lodging, transportation, registration, and other expenses, up to $3000.



Financial Allocations Committee (FAC)

The Financial Allocations Committee is responsible for overseeing the legislation for organization funding.  An organizational representative must meet with FAC before a request for funding is allowed to come before the Senate body.  Some organizations will require an org rep to be present at a Senate meeting in order to receive funding, while others are not.  If an org rep is required, the representative listed on the application will be notified the Tuesday that their presence is required that night with an exact time to come.  All representatives will be sent a funding letter with further instructions for reimbursement within 24 hours of their bill coming to Senate.  Questions about this committee can be directed to the FAC Chair, John Lake, at

Government Operations Committee (GOC)

The Government Operations Committee is responsible for updating all of SA’s governing documents, and interviewing all appointments made in order to provide recommendations to the Senate.   Questions about this committee can be directed to the GOC Chair, Cheyenne Green, at


University Improvements Committee (UIC)

The Student Investigative Committee identifies areas of campus life that could benefit from change, and writes Resolutions in order to suggest such changes to the appropriate parties.  Questions about this committee, or ideas for how to improve campus, can be directed to the UIC Chair, Lauren Beatty, at


Student Organization Committee (SOC)

The Student Organization Committee assists in helping new or returning clubs chartered by Student Association.  Questions about this committee can be directed to the SOC Chair, Saswat Das, at

Important Documents

Senate Standing Rules


2017-2018 Senate Members

Name Constituency Committee Assignment
Eliah Misthaven Residence Halls GOC
Saswat Das Apartments SOC
Benjamin Ettlinger Residence Halls SOC
Emma Stewart Apartments GOC
Michael Mancini Graduate School GOC
Daniel Conwell Residence Halls FAC
Eric Ko Commuters UIC
Joanna George Commuters GOC
William Bennet Apartments FAC
Colleen Yoder Apartments GOC
Kelly Scrivner Greek Housing GOC
Emma Stewart Apartments GOC Chair
Anna Robinson Commuters SOC
Savannah Phelps Health Sciences UIC
Austin Carr At-Large FAC Chair
Austin Raney At-Large SOC
Kate Tillotson At-Large UIC
Jeremy Eavey Engineering FAC
John Lake Engineering FAC
Maddie Pickett Engineering GOC
Joey Zitzman Business UIC Chair
Grant Scheppler At-Large SOC
Winchell Gallardo Arts & Sciences UIC
Michaela Perez Residence Halls SOC
Sam Trizza Residence Halls SOC
Wyatt Evans Greek Housing UIC
Laurel Cox Apartments FAC
Brady Patterson Arts & Sciences FAC
Michael Haenni Business GOC
Jared Cannon Law SOC
Sam Boggs Greek Housing
Cheyenne Green Commuters GOC


Senate Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 Minutes

Senate minutes are available via Google Drive.

* Minutes are not verified until the next meeting

**Senate meetings are held Tuesdays at 9:00pm in Helmerich Hall Room 105 unless otherwise noted. Meeting time, date, and location are subject to change.

Click here for archived minutes.