Student Association Senators are elected by students to represent academic colleges, residence halls, apartments, and commuters. The Senate represents your voice on campus and helps fund your organizations.

Your Senator can write legislation on a range of issues affecting student life at TU. Let Senate know what you would like to see done on campus.

All students are encouraged to attend an SA Senate meeting. Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 9:00pm in the law school building, John Rogers Hall. Minutes of past meetings are posted at the bottom of this page.


Event Sponsorship and Travel Allocations

Student organizations may get funding from SA for events through the event sponsorship allocations process. SA can help fund the cost of food, entertainment, advertising, and other expenses. If your student organization plans to attend a conference, convention, or workshop, SA can help fund part of the cost of the trip. SA may be able to help pay for lodging, transportation, registration, and other expenses, up to $1000.


Important Documents

Senate Standing Rules


Senate Members

Name Constituency Committee Assignment
Alex Garoffolo Business FAC
Alex Reinert Residence Hall SOC
Anna Rouw Residence Halls SIC
Brett Baumgartner At-Large GOC
Caitlyn Slattery Apartments GOC
Chase Cocking Residence Halls FAC
Emma Stewart Greek Housing GOC
Eric Ko Commuters SIC
Hunter Goff Apartments SOC
Jacob Su Health Sciences SOC
Jennifer Steere Arts & Sciences SIC
Joanna George Commuters GOC
John Talmage At-Large SIC
Kaitlyn McKee Engineering GOC
Kimberly Bartlett At-Large FAC
Lincoln Brown Business GOC
Luke Lau Residence Halls FAC
Apartments SOC
Megan Grier Greek Housing FAC
Michael Mancini Graduate GOC
Commuters  SOC
Miranda Dabney At-Larger SOC
Apartments SIC
Nicole Coppola Graduate SIC
Ohm Devani Commuters FAC
Patrick Culp At-Large FAC
Ricardo Roacho Residence Halls SIC
Saswat Das Apartments SOC
Savannah Phelps Health Sciences SIC
Travis Phan Engineering SOC
Arts & Sciences  GOC
Zach Smith Commuters SIC


Senate Meeting Minutes

2015-2016 Minutes

Senate minutes are available via Google Drive.

** Minutes are not verified until the next meeting *Senate meetings are held Tuesdays at 9:00pm in John Rogers Hall Room 202 unless otherwise noted. Meeting time, date, and location are subject to change.

Click here for archived minutes.