Facilities Across Campus

As a collaborative environment, those working in the Surface Metrology and Tribology Lab also have access to various facilities across The University of Tulsa.

Olympus BHM

Within the Department of Anthropology, the Lithic Microwear and Technology Lab possesses an Olympus BH metallurgical microscope (reflected light) and is in the process of securing a second. This microscope can be used for archaeological tasks involving the imaging of polish and striations upon stone tools, but is also useful for additional research requiring high magnification. The lab also contains two stereomiscoscopes (Nikon SMZ-10 and Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 7) for low powered microscopy needs.


Helios NanoLab

Within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Nanotechnology Lab possesses a FEI Helios NanoLab DualBeam microscope. This microscope is notable for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) at a 1.5 nm resolution, focused ion beam (FIB) milling, and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis.

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