Sensofar Desk

Sensofar S neox 3D non-contact optical 3D profiler

A Sensofar S neox 3D non-contact optical 3D profiler

The S neox sensor head provides standard microscope imaging, confocal profiling, PSI, VSI, and high resolution thin film thickness measurement on a single instrument.  Our workstation includes  Toothfrax (to allow batching of Area-scale and Length-scale Anisotropy analyses as described in the Nature article Dental microwear texture analysis shows within species diet variability in fossil hominins) and Sfrax (Fractal Analysis platform) software , both from Surfract.




next engine scanner

Next Engine 3D scanner

Epson Scanner

Epson Perfection flat bed scanner

A portable NextEngine 3D Scanner HD with a 0.005-inch accuracy



An Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner Photo Dual Lens System





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