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Lab Coordinator

04-24-18-schweitzer-fellowship-reception-122“I am primarily interested in  researching executive function (EF) abilities in at-risk or trauma-exposed youth and examining the variables that impact EF deficits in this population (e.g., sleep quality and nightmares). Additionally, I am interested in the promotion of trauma-informed systems (particularly in the schools) and interventions that can help facilitate this system-wide change”


Graduate Researchersgradstuds

devinDevin Barlaan (

“I am interested in researching the intergenerational transmission of trauma. More specifically, I want to understand the mechanisms of indirect trauma transmission and, more importantly, how protective factors can buffer children from experiencing these intergenerational effects.”


img_0295-2Jack Stimson (

“I am interested in studying trauma as it relates to athletes and their well-being. Specifically, I am interested in advocacy for at-risk athletic populations and the possible role trauma plays in the lives of athletes. Also, what can we do to prevent trauma exposure and mitigate the trauma related symptoms. ”


DanielleDani Lab Photo Zanotti (

“My primary research interests are studying and developing therapeutic techniques to develop and strengthen resiliency in at-risk populations.”


Undergraduate Researchers

image3Hannah Walker ( 

“I am interested in learning about resiliency and its relation to athletic performance. As well as factors that may increase or decrease resiliency, specifically within the realm of sports psychology.”




Jad Alkhatib (

“I am interested in learning how psycho-educational intervention improves athletic performance and reduces stress levels.”



img_0296-2Andrew Helt (

“I am curious about the development of emotional regulation and social skills in children exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). I am also interested in what strategies are effective in adapting classroom learning to better teach children exposed to ACEs.”


div-19-dogsSPARTA Lab and Division 19 partner together to learn about the impact of service dogs when working with Veteran populations!





img_0177-2 img_0180-2Graduate students start of the Fall 2016 semester making sushi for the first time with Dr. Cromer!





talent-show-1SPARTA Lab performs “Cups” at the TU Psychology Department’s annual Homecoming talent show!





gradstuds3  gradstuds2     SPARTA Lab celebrations                     

Left to right back row: Lisa DeMarni Cromer, Laura Kaehler, Christina Gamache Martin, Bridget Klest, Robyn Gobin, Rachel E. Goldsmith Front row: ShinShin Tang, and Jennifer J. Freyd

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