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Wedding Time!

Kelsey, my fabulous co-GA, happens to be getting married this weekend, so I want to make a ‘toast’ by looking at wedding themed materials in our collection. It has been far too many years since my own wedding, so it … Continue reading

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What’s in a Map?

I recently saw a silly sign the other day that said something to the effect of ‘nobody likes old stuff!’ and I want to spend some time debunking that claim. I know for a fact that quite a number of … Continue reading

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Movies And Books Set In Tulsa And Oklahoma

Neither Oklahoma nor Tulsa are considered very Hollywood-esque, but still there have been a few movies and books that have taken place here over the years. Special Collections holds a number of different collections of interest that I thought might … Continue reading

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Tulsa Through the Years

I have lived in Tulsa for just over five months now, with four of those months being focused on Special Collections, McFarlin, and TU in general. This has not left very much time to explore the city, but what I … Continue reading

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American Glass: Bohemia, The Great Depression, Mid Century, and Beyond

Special Collections is pleased to announce the new exhibit about American glass. Glass has been produced in a myriad of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures across the globe. From the most practical, mundane glass in everyday use to the most … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year!

December is upon us! December has been one of my favorite months for quite a long time because there are so many different things happening and so many people radiate the warmth and happiness of the holiday season. Some college … Continue reading

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Bibliographic Curios–Picture Edition

Book are the magical portals where we create our own adventures without ever leaving the reading nook. Books often contain beautiful works of art, but have you ever stopped to think about the book itself as a work of art? Not just … Continue reading

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Authorial Adventures and a Publisher’s Prowess

As Kelsey mentioned last week, McFarlin Special Collections contains a large number of letters and manuscripts from a variety of authors. These collections document both the most mundane aspects of life and the most important moments and they range in … Continue reading

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Love and War Part 2

Love and War introduced Lieutenant Edward Brown and his written courtship of Leila Claribel Owens. Part 1 let us peer into his mind as he poured out his love for Leila during his military service in Europe. For Part 2, we … Continue reading

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Love and War Part 1

I imagine that few people ever anticipate that their personal letters will eventually end up in a library or an archive for anyone to see. I have been processing the Edward L. Brown Archive, which consists primarily of letters between … Continue reading

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