WordPress experiment

We’ve made some adjustments to how this blog reacts to and handles spam, so as a test, I have disabled the requirement to register for comments. Please feel free to make comments so we can see how it works.

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3 Responses to WordPress experiment

  1. Marc Carlson says:

    I’ll be interested to see how this experiment works out. So far, it just looks like there is more spam coming in to be blocked, since no one is leaving comments.

  2. Marc Carlson says:

    After a week, we’ve about 18 forum spam messages which were blocked by the new system, and several legitimate responses. I think we’ll keep it this way until it stops working.

  3. Marc Carlson says:

    Basically, we finally got a working API key, so that we could enable Askimet. Since this new process has started we’ve blocked 96 spam messages, and only a handful of legitimate messages. It’s hard to tell though what’s spam and what isn’t.

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