Recent Acquisitions

Want to see what’s new in Special Collections? Following are purchases and gifts acquired over the past few months.


  • William Trevor letters (Coll. no. 2011.058): Editorial correspondence spanning nearly 20 years from William Trevor to Corlies Smith, Kathryn Court, and Amanda Vaill at Viking. Additional letters to Trevor are from John Irving and Doris Grumbach. Also included is 1 black and white publicity photo of Trevor.
  • V.S. Naipaul addendum (Coll. no. 2011.057): An addition to the life archive of Nobel prize winning author V. S. Naipaul.
  • Lynette Bennett gift (Coll. no. 2011.054): Alumna’s donation of costumes and shoes from some of her TU, Broadway, and West End shows.
  • Claire Sprague papers (Coll. no. 2011.052): Research notes, clippings, and articles on various English and American authors.
  • “Bombs and Comps” bomb description and maintenance manual (Coll. no. 2011.051): A WWII manuscript manual in a commercially produced ledger book, illustrated with hand-drawn figures of bombs. A Ministry of Home Security-issued “Chart of War Gasses” is laid in.
  • Bombs & Comps
  • Edward Dahlberg letters to Sara Mazo Dahlberg (Coll. no. 2011.062)
  • Rifle (Coll. no. 2011.073): Springfield M1903, .30-06
  • Rifle (Coll. no. 2011.074): Enfield M1917, .303
  • Panoramic Photo, CCC Co. #872 Tecumseh, Okla. (Coll. no. 2011.075)
  • Bob Pickering gift of military history books (Coll. no. 2012.008)

Artists’ and Fine Press Books

  • Anderson, Andrew. A vision of order: linocuts. Risebury, Herefordshire: Whittington Press, 2011. (BS1483.A5 V57 2011 +Oversize): 35 linocuts with artist’s commentary.
  • Bateman, Edward. Mechanical brides of the uncanny: twenty-one carte de visites. Salt Lake City: E. Bateman, 2009. (TR655 .B38 2009 Art Undrsz): Facsimile carte de visites depicting automatons in fabricated 19th century portraits. Steampunk? We think so.
  • Boos, Florence Saunders. The artist & the capitalist: William Morris and Richard Marsden. Kirkwood, [Mo.]: The Printery, 2009. (PR5083 .B66 2009): Printed using a handpress on mold-made paper.
  • Kermaire, Christine. Resilience of Al-Mutanabbi Street. Charleroi, Belgium: Christine Kermaire, 2011. (N7433.4.K47 R47 2011 Art Undrsz): Part of the Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street project, the book is a statement on the bombing of the street considered to be “heart and soul of the Baghdad literary and intellectual community.”
  • Lear, Edward. The jumblies. Canton, NY: Caliban Press, 2007. (PR4879.L2 J86 2007 Art Undrsz): A classic children’s nonsense poem made into a folding, spinning, topsy-turvy book.
  • The Tempest
  • Shakespeare, William. The tempest. Canton, NY: Caliban Press, 2001. (PR2833.A2 M25 2001 Art Oversize)
  • Walsdorf, John J. On collecting William Morris. Kirkwood [Mo.]: The Printery, 2006. (Z232.M87 W35 2006): Includes reproductions of photographs of Morris.

Dime Novels

World Wars

  • Die Deutschen Schützengraben- und Soldatenzeitungen. München: R. Piper & Co., 1917. (D501 D48 1917)
  • Gleaves, Albert. A history of the transport service: adventures and experiences of United States transports and cruisers in the World War. New York: George H. Doran Co., 1921. (D570.72 G6 1921)
  • Holmstrom, Carl. Kriegie life: a sketch book. Published by the author, 1946. (D805.G3 H65 1946): Published sketch book of a prisoner of war.
  • Kriegszeit Künstlerflugblätter. Berlin: Paul Cassirer, 1914-16. (D527 .K75 +Oversize): German artists’ renderings of WWI.
  • Kriegszeit Künstlerflugblätter
  • Overmyer, George J. Rhymes of a runner: and other poems. Tulsa: privately printed, 2010. (PS3565.V435 R5 2010)
  • Reichentál, František. “Arbeit macht frei”: 16 kresieb. Bratislava: Central Union of Jewish Communities in Slovakia, 1946. (N7417.6 .R45 1946 Oversize): Reichentál’s drawings of the Holocaust and life in a concentration camp.
  • Recognition journal. Washington, D.C.: U.S. War and Navy departments, 1944-1945. (V1.U6 R43 Oversize)
  • U.S. Army-Navy journal of recognition. Washington, D.C.: Bureau of Aeronautics of the U.S. Navy, 1943-1944. (V1.U6 U8 Oversize)

Local Interest

  • Carter, Joseph H., Sr. Red Fork: A Memoir of Joseph Henry Carter Sr. Unpublished, 2011.
  • Walton, John Brooks. Many more historic Tulsa homes. Tulsa: HCE Publications, 2003. (NA7105 .W35 2003)
  • Walton, John Brooks. Tomorrow’s historic Tulsa homes. Tulsa: JBW Publications, 2010. (NA7105 .W35 2010)
  • Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. The Helper. Tulsa: Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, 190-? (HV5297.O5 H45 Oversize): Newspaper of the Indian Territory WCTU.

Other Gifts and Purchases

  • Brown, Phoebe Hinsdale. Poor Sarah. New York: Printed for the American Tract Society, 182-. (BV2087 .B76 1820z Undrsz)
  • Bugger: an anthology of buttockry. New York: Fuck You Press/Fug Press, 1964. (PS3569.A49 B84 1964): Includes poems by Allen Ginsberg, Ted Berrigan, and Ron Padgett.
  • Burke, Edmund. Conciliation with the Colonies. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1894. (E211 .B87 1894 Undrsz)
  • Cain, Séamas. The dangerous islands. Dublin: The Red Jasper, 2011. (PS3553.A39374 D36 2011)
  • Cain, Séamas. Tríd an gcoill. Ireland: Tentacles of Perception Recordings, 2011. (PS3553.A39374 T75 2011 CD and PS3553.A39374 T75 2011 DVD): Natural sounds and images captured in Dromore Wood in County Clare, fused with Séamas Cain’s recital of his poem in Irish Gaelic.
  • Defoe, Daniel. The life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe. London: Printed for J. Walker [etc.], 1808. (PR3403 .A1 1808 Undrsz): Contains engravings by Charles Turner Warren.
  • Deharbe, Joseph. A Full Catechism of the Catholic Religion. New York: The Catholic Publication Society Co., 1891. (BX1961 .D44 1891 Undrsz)
  • Hemingway, Ernest. A Farewell to Arms. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1929. (Coll. no. 2012.011): Full post and catalog link coming soon!
  • Hemingway, Ernest. Letters of Ernest Hemingway. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. (PS3515.E37 Z48 2011 v.1): With selected letters from the Ernest Hemingway ephemera (Coll. No. 1977.003).
  • Herder, Johann Gottfried. The Spirit of Hebrew Poetry. Burlington: Edward Smith, 1833. (BS1405 .H47 1833  v.2)
  • Hertog, Susan. Dangerous ambition: Dorothy Thompson and Rebecca West: new women in search of love and power. New York: Ballantine Books, 2011. (PR6045.E8 Z68 2011)
  • Kloester, Jennifer V. Georgette Heyer: Writing the Regency: History in Fiction from Regency Buck to Lady of Quality 1935-1972. Melbourne : The University of Melbourne History Dept., 2004.
  • The rag. Austin: Underground Press Syndicate, 1966-1977. (PN4888.U5 R34 +Oversize)
  • SDS. New left notes. Chicago: SDS, 1966-1969. (LH1.A2 N49 +Oversize): Newspaper of the Students for a Democratic Society.

If anything listed above piques your interest, stop by Special Collections. As always, cataloged books and processed collections are available for use by any patron.

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