Muskokee Gospels, Acts and Epistles

Muskokee Gospels, Acts and Epistles

This recent acquisition is a bound together set of translations by A.E.W. (Ann Eliza Worcester) Robertson of the following books of the Bible: Cesvs Klist em Opunvkv-herv Maro coyvte = the Gospel according to Matthew; Opunvkv-herv Mak coyvte = the Gospel according to Mark; Opunvkv-herv Luk coyvte = the Gospel according to Luke; Opunvkv hera Cane coyvte = the Gospel according to John; Vpastelvlke em fulletv = the Acts of the Apostles; Cokv vpastel Pal Lomvnvlke ohtotvte = the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans; Cokv enhvteceskv svhokkalat tepakat vpastel Pal Kvlenrvlke ohtotolvte = the Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians; Cokv Cems mekusapvlke omvlkvn ohtotvte: cokv vpastvl Pal Titvs ohtotvte: cokv vpastvl Pal Efesvnvlken ohtotvte = the general Epistle of James, and the Epistles of Paul to Titus and to the Ephesians; Cokv enhvteceskv mekusapvlke vtekat Cane ohtotvte. Inscribed “to A. Leonard Gould, from his gratified missionary friend, A.E.W. Robertson, translated Muscogee, I.T. Oct, 1894.”

We have two other similar sets in the collection, although they are each lacking Cokv enhvteceskv svhokkalat tepakat vpastel Pal Kvlenrvlke ohtotolvte = the Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians. These have been inscribed inscribed by A.E.W. Robertson to N.B. Sullivan and to M.F. Williams respectively. The first was from the Papers of the Robertson and Worcester families, 1815-1932 (1931.001), occasionally called the Alice Robertson papers, which we will talk about more extensively in later postings.

Anna Eliza Worcester Robertson

A.E.W. Robertson

A.E.W. (Ann Eliza Worcester) Robertson (1826-1905) was a member of a missionary family. Her parents: Samuel Austin Worcester and Ann Orr Worcester were missionaries to the Cherokee, and even accompanied the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears; her husband William Schenck Robertson was a teacher at the Tullahassee Manual Labor Boarding School in the Creek (Muscogee) Nation. She herself taught at Park Hill in the Cherokee Nation. After her marriage in 1850, she began to teach at Tullahassee, and became fluent in Muscogee (Creek). During her life, she translated the New Testament and much of the Old Testament into Muscogee, as well as other items, such as Elias Boudinot’s Poor Sarah, a copy of which is also in our collections; and collaborating with her husband on several other translations, including readers and hymns books. She collaborated with Rev. Robert M. Lockridge in compiling catechisms. She attended school at Park Hill, and St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont, and received an honorary doctorate for scholarly accomplishment in linguistics from Wooster College (Ohio).

She had four children, Ann Augusta, Alice Mary, Grace Leeds, and Samuel Worcester Robertson.

Alice M. Robertson was a Photographer, Postmistress of Muskogee, I.T., 2nd woman elected to the US House of Representatives, and the 1st from Oklahoma. Alice Robertson also established the Presbyterian Girls’ Mission School in Muskogee, Indian Territory in 1882. This school eventually became the foundation for Henry Kendall College, which ultimately became the University of Tulsa.

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