Ben Graf Henneke Library

Guest post by Nick Geiger.

Dr. Ben Graf Henneke’s legacy at the University of Tulsa reaches far and wide, whether as a student writing the University fight song or as a professor expanding academia in the field of radio.

Ben Graf Henneke Library

McFarlin Library has also benefited greatly from Dr. Henneke’s tenure as President of the University, which saw the expansion of McFarlin Library with the Chapman wing where Special Collections now resides. Another part of the Henneke legacy is the Ben Graf Henneke Library that is stored in Special Collections.

The Ben Graf Henneke Library is a vast collection that covers all things theatre. The collection touches on many fields of theatre such as acting, costuming, plays, history, and much more. For instance, on the history of theatre the Henneke Library has the book Thespis by Theodor H. Gaster, which explores theatre in the ancient world of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Ben Graf Henneke Library

In regards to acting, the Henneke Library has the book Acting: the First Six Lessons by Richard Boleslavsky, who was a student of the famous Constantin Stanislavski. Boleslavsky breaks down the general concepts to what is commonly referred to as Stanislavski “System” of acting into six categories. The lessons are written as a play for students to act out each concept to better gain an understanding on how to develop a character into a real person. This is but a brief look into the vast array of topics covered in the Ben Graf Henneke Library. To learn more and explore the offerings further, come visit the Department of Special Collections and University Archives in McFarlin Library.

–Nick Geiger

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