Visit from Students from the Zarrow Center for Art and Education Summer Camp

On Thursday, June 13th, 2013, the University of Tulsa’s Department of Special Collections and University Archives welcomed two groups of very energetic young men and women in our facilities. These 8 and 11 year-olds are part of the Zarrow Center for Art and Education’s Summer Camp, and came to our department to learn about the history of printmaking. The students were able to see many historical, artistic, and contemporary pieces related to printmaking.

The items shown to our young visitors included a 12th century illuminated manuscript of the books of Romans and Hebrews from the Bible, a gold-leaf page with the First Surah of the Quran from the13th century, a colored, hand-painted page from the original Nuremberg Chronicle, a 500 year-old printed Book of Hours made to look like a manuscript, and a 18th century copy of Lallah Rookh with a hidden, fore-edge painting. Some of the artifacts shown to our young patrons include a miniature working model of a Benjamin Franklin 1726 hand press, a copper plate with an engraving titled Flower Portrait, a miscellaneous collection of woodblocks, movable types, anamorphic engravings, and artists’ books. One of the most interesting pieces in the exhibition was a collection of engravings from British Romantic poet William Blake.

The staff of the University of Tulsa’s Department of Special Collection and University Archives is delighted to have welcomed the young men and women from the Zarrow Center for Art and Education’s Summer Camp and thank them for their visit. In our commitment to serve our community, it is our pleasure so host such visits.



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