Exciting New Acquisition: Helen Halloran Photographs


The University of Tulsa’s Department of Special Collections and University Archives is delighted to announce the acquisition of a collection of photographs by Helen Halloran. Born Helen Zimmerman, Halloran worked for Harris and Ewing Photographers in Washington, D.C. In 1945, she married Donald S. Ross and moved to Tulsa. She would later go on to work for The Tulsa World.

The collection contains photographs of a number of prominent political figures, including Madame Wei Tao-Ming, the first female lawyer and judge in Chinese history, and the first American woman appointed to a major ambassadorial post abroad, Clara Boothe Luce. It also contains a portrait of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, the oldest child of President Theodore Roosevelt. Other photographs include, President Herbert Hoover and former First Ladies Lou Henry Hoover, Grace Coolidge,  and Bess Truman.

The condition of these photographs present a challenge for our staff. Because of storage, some have some mold and water damage.  The greatest challenge will be trying to stabilize and save and image of political cartoonist Clifford K. Berryman (shown above). In his November 16, 1902 Washington Post cartoon, “Drawing the Line in Mississippi,” Berryman depicted President Theodore Roosevelt showing compassion for a small bear cub. The cartoon inspired New York store owner Morris Michtom to create a new toy and call it the Teddy Bear.

The staff of the University of Tulsa’s Department of Special Collections and University Archives is proud to hold such a valuable piece of United States’ history in this collection.

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