Processing Dr. Marva Dawn’s Papers

The Welch Family Special Collection of Reformed and Renewal Theology was established in 2001 by Bill and Peggy Welch to gather together notable works of Christian Reformed and Renewal Theology as a gift to the community of Tulsa and to enhance the University’s historically rich and continuing relationship with the Presbyterian Church USA.

Part of the Welch Collection are Dr. Marva Dawn’s papers and research, which she generously bestowed to the collection. Dawn is a renowned theologian, musician, and teacher in the field of Reformed Theology. She is a scholar with four masters degrees and a Ph.D. in Christian ethics and the Scriptures from the University of Notre Dame. Dawn has spoken at clergy and worship conferences and at seminaries throughout North America and Europe. She has written over a dozen books, including Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down, A “Royal” Waste of Time, and How Shall We Worship?.

Example of Dawn materials from the Welch Collection

Example of Dawn materials from the Welch Collection

The University of Tulsa Special Collections is currently processing Dawn’s papers and research. These include a vast array of handwritten research notes, book manuscripts, article galleys, work from her doctoral program, letters of thanks and encouragement from conference attendees, as well as copies of newspaper clippings, handouts and schedules from the multitude of conferences, camps, and churches that Dawn spoke at throughout the years. Her work spans several decades and her dedication can be seen throughout her collection. We look forward to finishing processing Dawn’s papers so that the university and community can access Dawn’s prolific work with ease.

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