New Acquisition: The White Road to Verdun

The McFarlin Special Collections and University Archive recently acquired a 1916 edition of The White Road to Verdun by Kathleen Burke (D640.B88 1916 Undrz). Very little biographical information is known about Burke besides what she reveals in her recollections as a World War I nurse on the Western Front. Her work reveals not just details of nursing life on the front, but also insights into Allied soldiers’ experiences and feelings that they shared with their nurses. Written in an engaging manner, Burke’s account is an excellent addition to the department’s collection of World War I literature and material.

D640.B88 1916 Undrsz

D640.B88 1916 Undrsz

Special Collections began collecting World War I materials and literature in the 1990s and has more recently begun to focus on literature and materials about medicine in World War I. Collections of unpublished  letters and journals from doctors and nurses, as well as published works, both academic and personal in nature, are at the forefront of the impressive and growing World War I collection.

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