McFarlin Fellows Dinner: Une soirée avec Martin Walker

This past Thursday, February 22nd, the Special Collections department and McFarlin Fellows hosted the first guest lecture of spring two-thousand and eighteen. The McFarlin Fellows are an integral group of donors with whom Special Collections works closely to purchase new collections for the University of Tulsa. Our collections are often well-known and attract researchers from all around the world.

As usual, the evening began with a cocktail hour and then headed into a dinner reception. This time the drink selection focused primarily on imported white and red wines from France as an acknowledgement to our guest speaker’s home country. The food included a delicious Bouillabaisse. Quelle fabuleuse nuit de vin français et de mots captivants!

Martin Walker, our guest of honor, is the author of the Bruno detective series which has now been translated into 18 languages. Prior to his popular crime novels, Walker worked as Bureau Chief in Moscow and the United States for The Guardian until 1999. He currently works as Chief Editor for the United Press International (UPI) and contributes his work to multiple divisions located internationally. Walker also spends his time as a guest commentator on NPR, CNN and Inside Washington. He lives in Washington D.C. and Dordogne, a southwest region of France upon which his pieces are based. Walker is extremely personable and exudes passion for his writing and the history behind France.

During the lecture, Walker provided insight to the inspiration behind his series which was first published in 2007. He gave intimate details of Bruno’s character and the French culture through descriptive places, people and cuisine. Now that I have passed all my graduate exams, I cannot wait to begin my leisure reading with the Bruno series.

As a reminder, our collections are available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the University of Tulsa Special Collections and University Archives. For more information on Special Collections and University Archives visit:

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