Special Collections New Acquisitions

Every six months or so, our Special Collections Librarian I. Marc Carlson compiles a list of all our new acquisitions. Within this list, everything is included, from single items, to entire collections, and even additions to collections we already house. There is literally no item too small to be mentioned. By compiling this list, it enables us to not only keep track of all the new and wonderful items we receive, but also allows us to demonstrate that we are ever-expanding and looking for new items that can enrich our collections and provide researchers with additional material.

Among the new acquisitions for this past six months are several notable items. One of these is a donation from Nicholas Gehringer. The donation consists of one item, which is a brass coin bank in the shape of a Boy Scout. The bank is made from two halves that are screwed together and is currently undated. The Boy Scout is wearing a hat, backpack, and boots, and is carrying a walking stick.

Another notable donation is that of Jennifer Carlson. The Jennifer Carlson Library of Historical Cookbooks was donated to Special Collections, and some of these books are currently on display in our Satin Room. A number of the books on display pre-date 1900.

Other items include WWI posters, artist books, personal correspondence, maps, and photographs. If you would like to see some of our new collections, or some of our previously acquired collections, we invite you to stop by McFarlin Special Collections Monday-Friday from 8-4:30.


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