Cherokee Language Materials

Did you know you can search Google in Cherokee? To celebrate the new interface, we would like to highlight some of the department’s Cherokee language materials.

Medicine formulas in Cherokee

We recently digitized a manuscript of medicine formulas written by Uwedasat, a.k.a. John Campbell (E99.C5 U94 1890z). Uwedasat was rumored to possess magical powers, as observed by Siquanid’ in Friends of Thunder: Folktales of the Oklahoma Cherokees.

Our Indians of North America Historical manuscripts and documents, 1724-1981 collection (Coll. No. 1975.006) contains an extensive array of Cherokee manuscripts and documents, including dictionaries, religious texts and hymns, letters, and various printing ephemera.

Bilingual Cherokee/English Comics

If you’re just beginning your study of the language, why not test your skills with a bilingual comic book? These Cherokee/English comics were prepared by the Cherokee Bilingual Education Program in the mid 1970s. Titles include Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Hi and Lois, and Popeye.

For more information on our Cherokee language materials, please contact us.

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2 Responses to Cherokee Language Materials

  1. Xocolatl says:

    It’s real cool to see comics in Cherokee, hopefully when the new stock of speakers grow up some Manga can be translated too 🙂

    • Marc Carlson says:

      I was delighted to see those in the collection. The Native American languages need to be continued and preserved. The Cherokee have done a magnificent job with this. I am hoping on increasing our stock of new, original material that doesn’t need to be translated into Cherokee, but rather translated out of it.

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