Call for Donations for University of Tulsa “Living through Covid-19” collection

A few collection boxes on a shelf

Row of collection boxes on shelf

This is a historic opportunity to add your personal perspective to the narrative of how future generations will learn and research about this pandemic. The purpose of this collection will be to document how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everyone on a personal level. From the Freshman who was only half-way through their second semester, to the Senior who was getting ready to graduate and go onto the work force or into Graduate School. Or the faculty member who had to find a new way to teach the materials in their class or do distance research instead of physically going to the research destination. We want to hear from everyone.

Closed journal with ink pen on top

Journal with ink pen on top


Donation materials can include any of the following: handwritten or typed journals, scrapbooks, photographs, handwritten or printed letters, printed-out emails, poetry, etc. Any materials that you as the donor feel needs to be saved for future researchers.


There is no deadline for donating materials to this collection so that any materials can be completed and turned in whenever this pandemic begins to slow down. Special Collections will begin to accept donations when the office is opened in the near future. Any questions can be emailed to:

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