The Tulsa Women’s Club Collection

Continuing with our theme of covering Women’s History Month, this post is about a little archive of the Tulsa Women’s Club. I found that it hadn’t been digitized at all yet, so I scanned as many items as I could during an incredibly busy week at Special Collections! This post is rather picture heavy, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

While working on this post, I discovered that a few years ago, a previous GA wrote about the Tulsa Women’s Club, with a ton of in-depth information about its history, which you can read here. Let’s take a closer look at what these women accomplished!

Scanned image of a letter titled Resolutions about a recently deceased member of Tulsa Women's Club

Check out the letterhead! 

This early letter commemorates a Mrs. J.R. Ebright who died on January 28th, 1919.

During this time frame, the name bounced back and forth between ‘Tulsa Woman’s Club’ and ‘Tulsa Women’s Club’ and this president seemed to favor ‘Woman’ for some reason. Generally, everyone else used ‘Women’s’ instead.

Scanned image of a letter titled Tulsa Woman's Club Report of the President 1949-1950

Many of the papers in the collection concerned annual reports for diffent clubs and committees. These letters demonstrate the variety of their clubs and give you an idea what being a member entailed.

From the historian’s report covering the scrapbooks…

Scanned image of a typed letter titled To the Members of Tulsa Women's Club 1948-1949 Historian's Annual Report

I’m always partial towards historians

…to the Literature Department’s membership…

scanned image of a letter titled Literature Department's Report signed at the bottom

The Literature Department

…to the Psychology Department’s speakers…

Scanned image of a letter titled Report of the Psychology Department Tulsa Women's Club

The Psychology Department

…to the Telephone committee’s problems with phone number changes…

Scanned image of a handwritten letter about the telephone committe of the Tulsa Women's Club

Telephone committees would look so differently today!

…to the Varied Arts Department and their name change…

Scanned image of a letter titled Report of the Varied Arts Department of the T ulsa Women's Club 1950-1951

Any guesses about what the ‘Varied Arts Department’ covers?



…you can see how these women covered as many aspects of their daily lives as possible. It looks like a woman could join as many or as few departments as she wanted to. Membership in the Tulsa organization also included membership in the Oklahoma State Federation of Women’s Clubs as well.                     Scanned image of a card from Oklahoma State Federation of Women's Clubs


They bought a house on Admiral Blvd to serve as Club House and, as this Treasurer’s report shows, they had saved quite a bit of money in 1949!

Scanned image of a letter titled Tulsa Women's Club Treasurer's Report 1948-1949

$10k in savings in 1949!? That’s fantastic!

The equivalent amount today would be $104,000! So what did they do with that money?

Scanned image of a letter titled Birthday Cakes Polio Ward Hillcrest Hospital

Birthday cakes and yarn dolls

They made charitable donations to several local organizations, like Hillcrest Hospital’s polio ward to bring patients birthday cakes and yarn dolls…


Scanned image of a letter titled Salvation Army Doll Project with a picture attached

I bet there were lots of happy little girls at the end of this project

…or performed acts of service like sewing doll clothes for the Salvation Army’s Christmas presents program.

Scanned image of a page with newspaper clippings and a March of Dimes card attached

Quintessential 1950s Housewives

They donated money to the March of Dimes…

Scanned image of a letter from a Tulsa Women's Club scholarship recipient asking for continued support with TU tuition increasing

Yes, tuition was once ‘only’ $275 per semester!

and funded scholarships for members attending TU.

That’s an impressive club! I only scratched the surface of this collection, too, which means they probably did quite a lot more than what you see here.


If you’d like to see the this collection or one of the many others we hold, please contact us at for arrangements. We are currently open only to TU students, faculty, and staff by appointments made at least 24 hours in advance. You are also welcome to browse our Catalog and Digital Collections and request photocopies or digital scans of materials through the same email. Kelsey and I fulfill requests as quickly as possible, but especially large requests or a high volume of requests may take us up to 4-6 weeks. We are happy to help you as best we can and we hope that you stay safe and healthy!

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