The Joyce Bell Witt Collection of California Fine Printing

California Book Club 4

The cornerstone of this collection is an extensive holding of the publications from the Book Club of California, from its beginning in 1913 to 1986, with a few as late as 1993. There are nearly 400 books that reflect not only historical and literary developments in the West but also represent many of the finest accomplishments in printing and typography in California. The work of Bret Harte and Mark Twain among many other authors has been published in attractive books designed by such notable figures as John Henry Nash and the Grabhorns.

California Book Club 6

In addition to all of the books issued by the Club, this collection contains a complete set of the keepsake series as well as the Quarterly Newsletter. Furthermore, all of the ephemera relating to the Book Club of California is present—a prospectus for each book, announcements of publication parties, various printings of the by-laws, and more—all produced by noted printers.

California Book Club 1

As always, books are being added to the collections that exemplify the best traditions of fine printing and binding.

California Book Club 2
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