New Acquisitions

There are a variety of new acquisitions to report this time around.

Recent Acquisitions

A group of photographs of historical Muskogee, Oklahoma (2011.020), including several of the English building burning and being rebuilt, old Henry Kendall College, and a herd of cattle. Purchased through donations to the McFarlin Fellows.

George W. Sadlo diary (2011.018). Sadlo was originally from Prague, Oklahoma, and went to school at OSU in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He served in the 4th Infantry Band, 133rd Infantry Band, and the Headquarters Band, G.H.Q. He kept a journal while in the service. The journal covers 24 August 1918-5 June 1919 and has several laid in and attached items, such as photographs, a postcard, and a guide book to Paris.

A new Japanese edition of R. A. Lafferty’s Bequest of Wings, Tsubasa no okurimono. Osaka: Seishinsha, 2011.

Recent Acquisitions

Long time donor, Greg Gray, gave University Archives a copy of the 1902 Kendall Collegian (2011.021), which was at that time less of a newspaper and more of a literary magazine.

Twain, Mark, Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, edited by Alan Gribben. This is the new bowdlerized version that removes language that is offensive to some modern readers. Acquired for its future value in the history of publication.

Bass, Althea, Maria, the Osage captive [Norman, OK: Bass, c1978]. This was acquired not merely for its captivity theme, but also for its author, who was involved in the early description of the Robertson and Worchester family papers. Purchased through donations to the McFarlin Fellows.

Recent Acquisitions

Haswell, Janis. Beyond Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet, a life in letters (2011.022). This work regards Paul Scott’s correspondence, much of which is held in our Paul Scott papers, 1940-1978 (Coll. No. 1979.003)

The Gloria Standeford/Corinna Lobner literature library (2011.023) is still mostly unpacked, and is in isolation for the next week or so. It should be, based on sampling, about 500 books and periodicals, mostly regarding James Joyce, in Italian. Other aspects in Italian literature may be represented as well.

Thompson, Jim. The transgressors. [New York]: The New American Library, [1961]. Although we do not often purchase old paperback novels for themselves, in this case, a work by this Oklahoma Territory-born author was not something to pass up. Particularly since he has been so lightly represented in our western collections so far. Purchased through donations to the McFarlin Fellows.

Recent Acquisitions

Lynn and Treva Baker have given more context to their previous donations of the Vann Family archive, 1875-1975, bulk 1875-1900 (2006.011) in this gift of two volumes of Records of the Moravians among the Cherokees (2011.024) with intentions to follow up as further volumes are produced. The Vann family was an influential one among the Cherokees before and after the signing of the Treaty of New Echota and the subsequent Cherokee Removal and the Trail of Tears.

Bly, Robert, The indigo bunting: love poems. Santa Rosa: Nawakum Press, 2010. Poems chosen from the collection Loving a Woman in Two Worlds, and illustrated with original wood engravings. This text is number 20 of 100. This example of fine printing and binding was acquired to expand our fine binding materials, as well as to tie into the Robert Bly materials that were given to us by former TU professor Roger Easson, still as yet backlogged. Purchased through donations to the McFarlin Fellows.

Recent Acquisitions

Literary Lottery, a 1789 broadside advertising a lottery. Starting in Elizabeth I’s reign, lotteries were often held in the name of good works, much as they are today. In this example from the 18th century, the prizes to be awarded were books, e.g., “Chambers’s Dictionary 4 Vols. Folio, with Cuts,” “Johnson’s Dictionary 2 Vols. 4to.,” “Life of Eugene and Marlborough 4 Vols,” etc, with a total of 324 books as prizes, valued at £ 89 15 5. Purchased through donations to the McFarlin Fellows.

Recent Acquisitions

A donor recently found this copy of a vintage two-sided USAF “Cloth Chart” navigational map printed on silk, showing the Bay of Bothnia (CL100) and White Sea (CL101) (2011.025) This sort of detailed map of Europe was provided to USAF flight crews during the opening years of the Cold War.

Recent Acquisitions

Jill Henry, the sister of one of the library staff, sent along this 1957 TU commencement announcement (2011.026) she had found at a yard sale.

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