Why do I need to register in order to comment?

We have instituted registration for this blog in order to comment, not to discourage comment, which we want to see, but to interrupt forum spamming, which we get a lot of. All you need to do is click on register, and enter your name and email. This information will not be shared or distributed.

Note, as of September 2, 2011, we have disabled the requirement that you register to make comments, but readers are still encouraged to register if they want to do anything more actively.

Can I post articles to this Blog?

Absolutely. We want articles from staff, students, faculty, scholars, anyone who has something important to say about our collections and the department. Of course articles will be edited.

Why do all the photos link to Flickr?

The server that the blog software is mounted on is not infinite, and so we link to our photograph collections on Flickr.

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