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Motion Picture Archive

The very first motion pictures can be accredited to the Lumiere brothers, who would hold public screenings of short films in Paris around the year 1895. Film production companies were quickly appearing all over the world because of the way … Continue reading

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Rare, possibly only known footage of Edward Dahlberg

Based on a recent patron request, we had this Super 8 film footage of Edward Dahlberg in September 1968 converted into a digital format. The footage is of Dahlberg and his editor, Harold Billings, along with Billings’s wife and their … Continue reading

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New acquisition: Orson Welles and the unproduced Heart of Darkness film

Special Collections recently acquired the story outline for a film version of Heart of Darkness that was written by Orson Welles in the late 1930s—originally intended to be his first major picture. He wrote a full screenplay, but executives at RKO Studios thought … Continue reading

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