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2012 Regional Conference

About Us

About Us
SWE is a nationally active, not-for-profit educational and service organization. SWE members are engineers and scientists dedicated to empowering women to succeed and advance in traditionally male fields. They believe that women should be recognized for their contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders. The National SWE website has more information about the many faces of SWE around the country.

The three goals of the University of Tulsa chapter of SWE are:

  • to encourage people, particularly women and girls, to enter the science and engineering fields
  • to provide networking opportunities for our members
  • to be involved in campus activities and in the community

The TU student chapter of SWE was founded over ten years ago. We are constantly active around the TU campus and in the community. To find out more about what we do, keep reading.

Events / Volunteering
The events below are yearly events hosted by SWE, and open to anyone who would like to help or attend (unless otherwise noted). If you have an idea for a new SWE event you don't see here, tell us about it.

Every year, the members of SWE like to unwind with an end-of-the-year party. Nothing fancy, just a few home-cooked sweets and an elephant gift exchange. This event is open to anyone who wants to forget about finals, and information is sent out every year through the SWE mailing list.
When: Week before Finals

SWE's annual All Hollow's Eve social is a howling good time. The easiest way to get involved is to show up for the Wednesday meetings in M2. If you have ideas for decorations, fun contests, or anything else we would love to hear them. If you can't make the weekly meetings you can email Cindi to get involved.
When: End of October

One of SWE's goals is to show teenage girls that they can be engineers and scientists. Every year, SWE hosts a high school girls' retreat at TU. The girls hang out with SWE members and faculty and get hands on engineering experience. If you'd like to help out with this event, or have ideas about creative ways to get girls involved, don't hesitate to share your ideas with Michelle.
When: Fall and Spring Semesters

Every year, we invite Girl Scouts to come to TU and gain their science badges. The girls go to a number of 'seminars' during the day, learning math and science with M&Ms and dry ice. The event always gets good reviews from the girls, and the SWE volunteers have nearly as much fun.
When: Spring Semester

Every year the TU chapter of SWE travels to the national conference to meet with hundreds of other SWE schools and professionals. The conference includes presentations of research, topics of interest on the cutting edge of science and engineering, and seminars on balancing work with life. The conference is uniquely targetted for women, but our male members always find plenty that interests them. The conference culminates with a two day job fair, attended by at least 100 major companies from around the country and the world. In 2005, companies included Boeing, Dow Chemical, Lucent, Apple, Black and Veatch, Johns Hopkins, Amazon.com, PepsiCo, and roughly 200 others.

The SWE Regional conference is a local version of the national conference, held in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, or Colorado. The seminars are smaller, and there are fewer companies, but it's a good chance to get away from campus for a weekend.

When: National Conference - October or November, Regional Conference - March or April

What better way to begin a semester than with Ice Cream? SWE hosts a bi-annual ice cream event to greet old friends, make new ones, and get to know the many SWE members at TU.
When: Beginning of Every Semester

Contact Us
Here is some quick contact information for our officers. The president and vice president would be happy to answer any general questions, while site-specific questions should be sent to the webmistress.

Office Name Class and Major Email Address
President Jordan Dettlaff jordan-dettlaff@utulsa.edu
Vice-President Maya Kelley
Treasurer Jackie Truong Junior CS
Secretary Katie Williams
Webmistress Ali Maskus Junior EE alison-maskus@utulsa.edu
Social Chair Starr Dalton
Speaker Representive Khristen Anderson

K-12 Outreach Tsebaot Lemma

Faculty Advisor Dr. Christi Patton ChE Professor christi-patton@utulsa.edu
Industry Advisor Suzanne Dodson TU graduate suzanne.dodson@magellanlp.com

Additional Information
This section gives a brief mention to the awards TU SWE and its members win, SWE anniversaries, and other notables.
- In 2004 a SWE member (Denise Grayson) was one of 4 students from TU to be awarded the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. Denise is a CS / Applied Math double major and was the president of TU SWE in 2005.
- In 2005 a SWE member (Brandon Lynge) was one of a team of 5 students from the South-West Region I to win the subject matter expert (SME) bowl, earning $1500 for the region.
- In 2006 a graduating SWE member (Brandon Lynge) graduated Summa Cum Laude.

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