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2012 Regional Conference

Archived Announcements


High School Girls Retreat
(formerly April 2009)
Canceled for the year

February 29 - March 1
SWE Regional Convention
Boulder, Colorado


October 30 - Halloween Costume Bowling
Dress up for a fun night of bowling with fellow SWE members!

October 25-27 - SWE National Convention
Nashville, Tennessee

October 10 - Alumni Luncheon
12:00 pm Allan Chapman Activity Center- Formal Lounge

Feb. 1 - Girls' High School Retreat:
A full retreat schedule and application are available on the Girls' Retreat Page. Last minute questions may be emailed to Dr. Patton or the Webmaster.

Jan. 31 - New Year, New Webmaster
Tulsa welcomes all of you back to School with snow and ice! Along with the new year, SWE has a new webmaster: Brandon Lynge, who has just returned from France. If there's anything you'd like to see changed on the SWE page, etc., feel free to drop him a line at brandon-lynge@utulsa.edu.


Oct. 27 - High School Retreat Update:
A full retreat schedule is now available on the Girls' Retreat Page. Last minute questions may be emailed to Dr. Patton or the Webmaster.

Oct. 20 - High School Retreat Info:
The application form for girls (grades 9 - 12) interested in the retreat is available here.
For those of you who don't know what the High School Girls' Retreat is, the about page has more information.


E-Week Is in February!
The official E-Week site is available here and from the left menu.
Questions about E-Week should be directed to swe_web@utulsa.edu.


Dec. 25 - For those of you who are Christian, Merry Christmas. For those of you who aren't, Merry Day-Off-From-Work.
As promised, this site has been given a facelift. If you have any opinions about the changes made, please email swe_web@utulsa.edu.

Dec. 17 - The SWE site will be getting a facelift over the winter break. SWE members have informed me that they would like to see brighter colors and more contrast to make the site easier to navigate. If you have any suggestions for how the site should look or anything else you'd like to see changed, please don't hesitate to email swe_web@utulsa.edu.

Oct. 7 - Brownie Day 9:30am - 2:00pm:
A chance for us to get to know some younger girls and have some fun!

Oct. 12 to Oct. 14- National conference:
The national coference for SWE in Kansas City, Missouri. Have fun ladies!

Oct. 27 to Oct. 28 - High school Girls Engineering and Science Retreat:
A day of activities from each college to show girls currently in high school how interesting an engineering and science major can be.

Oct. 4 - There are plenty of ways to get involved this month as SWE hosts a Girls' Retreat at TU, a Holloween Social, and other events. In addition, the SWE national conference is coming up soon. As the date gets closer, we will have more information for you right here.

Sept. 17 - This is a new year with new officers. In addition, this SWE site has undergone a recent makeover. If you have any opinions about the new site (positive or negative) please send them to the webmaster: swe_web@utulsa.edu.

Sept. 12 - Now Available: A job resource board that allows students to search and apply for jobs. This and other resources for students can be found in the 'Student Resources' section, accessable from the left menu.

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