Graduate Students

Sylvia Luuluu

contact information:

hometown: Amherst, OH

program: Ph.D. I/O Psychology, Fifth Year

lab affiliation: Fall 2014 – Present

Sylvia is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in I-O Psychology and her research focus is primarily in motivation and teams. After graduation, she hopes to continue her research in motivation and individual differences, but is still considering both academic and applied options.

For fun, Sylvia enjoys spending time with friends and family, music, baking, and watching movies.


Josh Royes

contact information:

hometown: West Bend, WI

program: Ph.D. I/O Psychology, Third Year

lab affiliation: Fall 2016 – Present

Josh’s educational goal is to get his PhD and publish throughout the process.  After graduation, he wants to do something data/statistics related, and do consulting work.

Josh enjoys reading, playing videogames, and off-roading when he is not busy with schoolwork.


Bret Arnold

contact information:

hometown: Fayetteville, AR

program: Ph.D. I/O Psychology, Third Year

lab affiliation: 2017 – Present

Bret is currently pursuing his doctorate degree with hopes to one day balance professorship and part time consulting. Undergraduate interests have included self-regulation, competition, and moral cognition but his focus is now turned to burnout, personality, and team dynamics.

Beyond psychology, Bret enjoys philosophy, creative writing, and their inevitable convergence. He’s a published poet and performed lead in an absurdist one act play.


Thomas Ayres

contact information:

hometown: Pryor, OK

program: Ph.D. I/O Psychology, Second Year

lab affiliation: Fall 2017 – Present

Thomas’s goals currently include completing the course work for the Doctoral I/O Psychology program while gaining a wide range of experience conducting and presenting research.

For fun, Thomas enjoys playing sports. Mainly basketball, golf, disc golf, and Tennis. He also enjoys producing art (primarily via water colors) and ballroom dancing.


Jaqueline Boggs

contact information:

hometown: Georgetown, KY

program: Ph.D. I/O Psychology, First Year

lab affiliation: 2015-Present

Jacqueline has been part of the TAC lab since 2015, and has been part of various research projects including: Artemis, an independent communication project, and other lab tasks. In her free time, Jacqueline likes to spend time with her two dogs, Daisy and Casper or read a good book.


Burak Ozkum

contact information:

hometown: Ankara, Turkey

program: Ph.D. I/O Psychology, First Year

lab affiliation: 2018-Present

Burak is currently pursuing his PhD degree to be a professor with primary research interests of aberrant personality at work, personnel selection, and decision making.

Burak is an amateur runner participating in local competitions and interested in cooking and video games.


Nicole Dickie

contact information:

hometown: Wichita, KS

program: Ph.D. I/O Psychology, First Year

lab affiliation: 2018-Present

Nicole is pursuing her doctoral degree and is learning more about her research interests in the process. She’s still a long way away from graduation but is open to exploring opportunities in industry and academia.

She enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. She hopes to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese one day. 加油!