Undergraduate Alumni


Jenny Daerdaer

contact information: jenny-daer@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Fall 2010 – Spring 2013

degree: B.S. Psychology, B.A. Music

Jenny is attending graduate school at Oklahoma State University to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her main interests include sign language, music, reading, and spending time with her family. She is a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America where serves as a student mentor. She also served as President of the Mortar Board senior honor society and Vice-President of Psi Chi during her time at TU.

Chris Madajmadaj

contact information: chris-madaj@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Summer 2012 – Spring 2013

degree: B.S. Psychology

Chris is currently working at PDRI Hiring and Assesments.

Chris enjoys spending time with his amazing family, playing tennis, watching television, and napping.During his undergraduate career, Chris was involved in the university’s gay-straight-trans-alliance, Pride at TU, and served two terms as Vice President.

Nigel Cook-ReynoldsNigel

contact information: nigel-cook-reynolds@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation:

degree: B.S. Psychology

Nigel is interested in both Clinical and I/O Psychology, and plans on pursuing a Ph.D in one of those fields. He worked with both Dr. Narayan and Dr. Brummel on various research projects. His research interests include stress, personality, and he prefers to work with quantitative measures.


Hanna Tachatacha

contact information: hanna-tacha@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Fall 2010 – Fall 2011

degree: B.A. Psychology

Hanna was a Psychology major with a double minor in German and Early Preventative Measures. She lived in Germany for a year as a Rotary Exchange Student and completed her German minor at TU. She loves playing piano and cello, going camping, and taking pictures. She is from Arlington, Texas, between Dallas and Fort Worth. She also served as President of her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.

She is currently working with a Youth Services center in Tulsa.

Spandana Reddyreddy

contact information: spandana-reddy@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Summer 2011 – Summer 2012

degree: B.A. Psychology & Anthropology

Spandana has previously volunteered at the TSPCA in Tulsa, and the Genesis Women’s Shelter, Bee’s Kids, and Equest in Dallas, TX.

She currently is a Child Welfare Specialist at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Laura Luke


contact information: laura-luke@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Fall 2010 – Fall 2011

degree: B.A. Psychology

Laura is currently working at the University of Tulsa Knowledge

Kindercare. Her career goal is to become a child psychologist and specifically work with kids who have been abused. The research that she is conducting in lab has been more than just a learning process for her. As a tribute to Dr. Narayan and all the graduate lab members, participating in the research lab has granted her with more than just knowledge, but also with academic and social support. Through Dr. Narayan’s guidance she has come to understand the value of commitment and responsibility when working towards meeting a goal as a team.

Westley Youngrenyoungren2013

contact information: westley-youngren@utulsa.edu

hometown: Tulsa, OK

major: Psychology

lab affiliation: April 2013 – Present

project: Role of Reward & Justice Perceptions in Team Creativity

Westley is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Kansas University and his hobbies include basketball, frisbee golf, and reading.

Amanda (Gibson) Lowegibson

contact information: amanda-gibson@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Fall 2011 – Spring 2012, Spring 2014

Amanda Gibson served as Philanthropy Co-Chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma, is an honor society member of Phi Eta Sigma, and a volunteer for Domestic Violence Intervention Service/Call RAPE. Amanda is now an associate attorney at Hall Estill.



Madeleine Gossgoss

contact information: maddy-goss@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Spring 2014

Along with her participation in the lab, Madeleine wass also involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters, University Ambassadors, Greek Life, and Friends of Finance.

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Finance, Madeleine was accepted and has begun Law School.


Grant Daughertydaugherty

contact information: grant-daugherty@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Fall 2014 – 2016

Grant graduated from TU in the spring of 2016. After spending a gap-year scribing in an emergency department and tutoring at the Mathnasium organization in tulsa, Grant was accepted to and has began medical school as the OU-Tulsa School of Community Medicine. Grant worked in the Artemis lab and was the primary programmer for all trial phases of the task.

In his free time Grant enjoys reading science fiction novels, learning about a variety of topics including neuroscience and philosophy, and competing in competitive games.

Samantha Vickersvickers

contact information: samantha-vickers@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Fall 2014 – 2015

Samantha graduated a Exercise & Sports Science major with a minor in Psychology.

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys playing sports especially tennis, playing the flute, traveling, and watching movies.

Heidi Winterbergwinterberg

contact information: heidi-winterberg@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: Spring 2014

Heidi worked with the DYAD study.

She is a volunteer at her son’s school, Wright Christian Academy, and spends most of her free time with her family.


Erin Emeric

contact information: erin-emeric@utulsa.edu

lab affiliation: 2016

Erin’s Undergraduate research included development of spatial abilities and cross-cultural perceptions of procrastination.

She is currently a Graduate Student of Applied Education at Saint Louis University. Erin also teaches middle school music full time in St. Louis as a member of the Billiken Teacher Corps.


Alexander Diep

contact information: alexander-diep@utulsa.edu

hometown: Tulsa, OK

program: Psychology

lab affiliation: 2015-2017

Alexander is a Senior studying Psychology and hopes to receive a Masters in I/O, possibly Ph.D after completing a bachelors degree.

Alexander enjoys Video games, reading and participated in Team Interactions Study as researcher/session runner. He is currently a pharmacy tech at St. Francis Hospital and is getting ready to apply to medical school.


Alexis Carbajal

contact information: alexis-carbajal@utulsa.edu

hometown: Longbeach, CA

program: Psychology

lab affiliation: 2017

Alexis would like to pursue medical school after graduation. When he was not transcribing for the reach lab Alexis enjoys life as a film enthusiast, runner, NBA superfan, and videogame master.


Ashley Zahn

contact information: ashley-zahn@utulsa.edu

hometown: Tulsa, OK

program: Psychology

lab affiliation: Fall 2017

Ashley aspires to complete her PhD in clinical psychology.  


Kristin Caliva

contact information: kristen-caliva@utulsa.edu

hometown: San Antonio,Tx

program: Religion with Minor in Psychology and Educational studies

lab affiliation: Fall 2017

Kristin’s professional goal is to become a Residence Hall Director for campuses across the country, which requires a Master’s Degree in Higher Education, specializing in Student Affairs/College Student Personnel.

Amber Wright

contact information: amber-wright@utulsa.edu

hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

program: Biology with Minor in Psychology

lab affiliation: Fall 2014 – 2018

Amber graduated with a bachelors of science in Biology student with a minor in Psychology. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans on attending medical school to one day become a physician.

Amber has been a member of TACL lab from Fall 2014 to SPirng 2018 and spent the majority of her time with the Artemis project.

In her downtime, Amber enjoys spending time with her family, going to Lake Texoma, reading, and traveling.

Christopher Thomas

contact information: christopher-thomas@utulsa.edu

hometown: Tulsa, OK

program: Psychology

lab affiliation: 2015-2018

Christopher is a Senior studying to receive a bachelors of science in Psychology and hopes to continue education in graduate school working towards a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.



Sunday Helmerich

contact information: sunday.helmerich@gmail.com

hometown: Tulsa, OK

program: Psychology with minor in Religion

lab affiliation: 2017-2018

After completing her Bachelors of Arts in psychology, Sunday hopes to continue her education in graduate school earning her master’s in psychology.

Sunday is a professional songwriter who has had dozens of song placements in major network shows such as One Tree Hill, Bones, and Revenge. In her free time, she enjoys listening to podcasts and playing with other people’s dogs.