Treatment and Assessment Center for Traumatic Stress


Elana Newman, Ph.D., established the Center in Fall of 2002, although it has been operating loosely since September 1996. The predecessor to this Center conducted research about trauma and PTSD among diverse populations such as emergency rescue workers, minorities, battered women, journalists and college students. In addition, this lab has focused on ethical conduct of trauma research. Finally, in association with the center for Community Research and Development, evaluations of adolescent mental health programs were conducted. Students involved in these projects presented at local and national conferences, won awards for scholarship, and co-authored publications.

MISSION: The mission of the Center is to conduct research on the assessment, treatment, and prevention of the subsequent effects of traumatic stress injury. Besides research, members are involved in educating the community on issues regarding trauma and mental health. The lab values and endorses the need to combine scholarship with practice.