Current Lab Members


Autumn Slaughter, M.S.C.P.

Lab Manager

Autumn is a first year doctoral student and the TACTS lab manager. She works at the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. Current projects include research into journalists’ experiences with hostile environment, first aid and safety training programs. She is also working with TITAN on a trauma informed training program for local juvenile courts. Autumn’s clinical interests include journalists covering traumatic news and the re-traumatization of children in custody of the state.

*Autumn earned her B.A. in psychology at Olivet Nazarene University outside of Chicago, IL before completing an M.S.C.P at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma City

Anushka Patel

Anushka Patel, B.A.

Anushka is a third year doctoral student and the TACTS lab manager. She works at the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, where she collects and codes academic articles for a project that analyzes the relationship between journalism and trauma. Anushka’s future goal is to culturally-adapt evidence-based trauma treatments for low-income settings. She spent the 2015 summer conducting a needs assessment of trauma exposure and common mental disorders in urban slums of Bombay, India. Anushka’s clinical interests include psychological sequelae of trauma exposure, especially in low-income settings and with ethnic minority populations.

* Anushka earned her B.A. from Carleton College,  in Northfield, MN. She then worked as a research coordinator at Harvard University, where she helped evaluate evidence-based treatments for depression, anxiety, ADHD and conduct problems among youth.

Chelsea Shotwell Tabke

Chelsea Shotwell Tabke, M.A.

Chelsea Shotwell Tabke is a fourth year doctoral student. Current lab activities include managing a study evaluating Women in Recovery, a trauma-informed prison diversion program for substance abusing women.  She also works on a multisite study examining incidents of sexual assault and perpetration as well as adverse childhood experiences among college students. Her clinical interests are focused on evidence-based treatment of PTSD and comorbid disorders.

* Chelsea earned her B.A. from the University of California, Davis, CA for a double major in Psychology and Sociology. She also earned her Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, NY.

Merdijana Kovacevic

Merdijana Kovacevic , B.S.

Merdijana is a third year doctoral student in the clinical psychology department. She helps manage a study evaluating a trauma-informed prison diversion program, Women in Recovery, for substance-abusing women. Her current research and clinical interests involve individuals with trauma histories. She is interested in developing, evaluating, and disseminating interventions aimed at alleviating health consequences associated with trauma experiences. Furthermore, she is interested in examining risk and protective factors associated with PTSD and other trauma related symptomatology.

*Merdijana earned her B.S. in Psychology from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

Susan Drevo

Susan Drevo, M.A.

Susan is an intern at the Veterans Administration (VA) in Little Rock, AR. Her research interests have evolved from working in the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma’s research office housed at The University of Tulsa.  Consequently, her dissertation examines pathways to posttraumatic stress and occupational dysfunction among journalists.  Clinically, Susan has developed an interest in those who are often first to arrive at traumatic scenes and who endure repeated and prolonged trauma exposure as a result of serving the public in their occupational roles.  Her specific interests include traditional first responders (e.g., police officers, firefighters, paramedics, etc.), journalists covering traumatic stories around the globe, and veterans and active duty combat soldiers.

*Susan earned her B.A. in Psychology at The University of Nebraska at Lincoln and completed her M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN.

Madisen Dorand

Madisen Dorand

Madisen Fae is a third-year undergraduate psychology major with a certificate in Women and Gender Studies. She is particularly interested in the impacts of Intimate Relationship Violence/Domestic Violence, and hopes to go on to get her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is currently a member of the Women in Recovery project evaluation team and involved in the Sexual Assault and Adverse Childhood Experiences study.


Past Lab Members


Nigel Cook, B.S.

Teresa Morales,B.A.

Clare Ryan, B.A.

Sarah Biden, B.A.

Cassie Roby, B.A.


Namik Kirlic, Ph.D.

Summer Nelson, Ph.D.

Stephanie ONeal, M.A.

Tracy Harrington, Ph.D.

Alyssa Rippy, Ph.D.

Shawn Kennedy, M.A.

Sara Tiegreen, Ph.D.

River Smith, Ph.D.

Hannah Pennington, Ph.D.

Noelle Balliett, Ph.D.

Victoria McCoy, Ph.D.

Caroline Pyevich, Ph.D.