Ongoing Research



Regulation of fear and anxiety in healthy individuals: an fMRI study - Namik Kirlic

This dissertation examines subjective, physiological, and neural correlates of habitual emotion regulation under experimental conditions of predictable and unpredictable threats, expected to elicit fear and anxiety, respectively.

The war on journalists: Pathways to posttraumatic stress and occupational dysfunction among journalists - Susan Drevo

This dissertation examines the extent to which occupational intimidation, sexual harassment, and moral injury impact journalists’ health and ability to perform their job relative to personal and coverage-related trauma exposure by examining hierarchical predictor models of posttraumatic stress symptoms and occupational dysfunction.  


Child Disaster: 3-fold subject area. 1 project is investigating the methodological rigor and treatment effectiveness of trauma-focused treatment for children disaster survivors. A 2nd project involves a meta-analysis examining the effect sizes of treatment packages in regards to children disaster survivors.  Finally, the 3rd examines competencies in post-disaster interventions.

Occupational Health of Journalists: International online survey study examining the exposure to and impact of various forms of occupational risks and stressors encountered by working journalists.  This interdisciplinary research team consists of clinical and industrial-organizational psychology students and faculty in collaboration with the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma.

Women in Recovery: Study investigating an outpatient jail diversion trauma-focused substance abuse treatment program for women. Our lab involvement entails (1) interviewing administrators and volunteers to determine their perspectives on Women in Recovery as women-centered, and (2) program outcome evaluation.


Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma: The research branch of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma is based at the University of Tulsa. The Dart Center is an interdisciplinary organization that is "dedicated to informed, innovative and ethical news reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy." The research branch of the Dart Center has conducted numerous research projects on a variety of issues related to journalism and trauma. These include projects on occupational health of journalists, effects of trauma-related news on consumers, and analysis of journalism and trauma scholarship. Among other projects, we have compiled bibliographic information on over 1200 journalism and trauma articles, and have provided this information in a searchable database. This database can be accessed here.

Tulsa Institute of Trauma, Abuse and Neglect (TITAN): This is an interdisciplinary institute addressing issues of trauma, abuse, and neglect, partnering with the Tulsa community. TITAN brings together the interests, expertise, and talents of several faculty members across the University to address the complex issues related to traumatic experiences. This Institute was established in Summer of 2007. Many students in our lab are part of TITAN.

Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR): A clinical neuroscience research institute that studies pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders in order to develop novel treatments and preventative techniques for at risk populations. A member of our lab closely collaborates on research examining fear, anxiety, and pain in the development and maintenance of anxiety and mood disorders.