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    Welcome to our lab's Web site!

    » Lab Research Topics

    Training Evaluation and Effectiveness

    • Developmental Simulations and Executive Coaching
    • Role-plays in Responsible Conduct of Research Education
    • Evaluation of Educational Interventions and Programs
    Job Attitudes
    • Structure and Incremental Validity
    • Employee Engagement
    Personality in the Workplace
    • Obligation and Entitlement
    • Deviant and Virtuous Personalities
    • Mindfulness and Script Use
    Work-Life Balance Research
    • ROI and Program Use
    • School-Life Balance

    » Lab News

      Fall 2011 News

      • Ian Smith passed his dissertation defense - Congratulations!
      • Ian Smith accepted a job with SHL as an Optimization Consultant - Congratulations!
      • Lauren Robertson will start collecting dissertation data this fall
      • Good luck to Courtney Nelson as she prepares proposal her dissertation in December
      • Dr. Brummel and Courtney Nelson presented at I/O Program Brown Bags this fall
      • SIOP - Lauren, Courtney, Alex and Dr. Brummel submitted symposia and posters for the annual conference - Good Luck!
      • Dr. Brummel presented at the Oklahoma Psychological Association this fall at OSU Tulsa
      • Lab alum Drew Schiller got married to Menghan Fu - Congratulations!

      Spring 2011 News

      • Lauren Robertson received the Bellwhether Fellowship for the following academic year - Congratulations!
      • Courtney Nelson received an honorable metion award at the TU Research Colloquium for her presentation titled "Qualitative Assessment of Church Organizational Culture"
      • Alex Jackson received an honorable metnion award at the TU Research Colloquium
      • Ian Smith, Lauren Robertson, Courtney Nelson, Alex Jackson, Mackenzie Ayer all presented at the TU Research Colloquium
      • Ian Smith and Mackenzie Ayer attended and presented at the IOOB conference in San Diego
      • Drew Schiller and Dara Pickering passed their Masters' Comprehensive Exams and graduated - Congratulations!

      Fall 2010 News

      • Lauren passed her dissertation proposal - Congrats!
      • Psychological Warfare intramural flag football team won the co-ed division, congrats!
      • Lauren's thesis will be published in The Psychologist Manager Journal in the first issue of 2011.
      • Courtney pass her PhD Comprehensive Exams in November - Congratulations!
      • SIOP - Lauren, Courtney, Ian and Dr. Brummel submitted symposia and posters for the annual conference - Good Luck!
      • Ian passed his dissertation proposal on executive coaching - Congratulations!

      Spring 2010 News

      • Courtney and Dr. Brummel's paper, Measuring Creativity in Software Design, was published in the first issue of Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Creativity.
      • Bradon, Natalie, and Jackie passed Masters' Comprehensive Exams. Congratulations!
      • Courtney, Brandon, and Lauren presented at the 2010 IOOB conference in Houston.
      • Courtney presented her pre-canidacy project during the psychology department Pre-Can Day.
      • Lauren won the psychology department Research Practitioner Award - Congratulations!
      • SIOP - Lauren presented her poster accepted to the 2010 conference in Atlanta.
      • Courtney received Honorable Mention at the Annual University of Tulsa Research Colloquium for her pre-can reserach project.
      • Congratulations to Brandon, Carrie, Jackie and Natalie - they graduated in May with thier Master's Degree. Visit the "Where are They Now?" page for updates on what recent graduates of the lab are doing.

      Fall 2009 News

      • Psychological Warfare won the co-rec flag football intramural championship!
      • Carrie has an internship in the HR department at Alorica in Tulsa.
      • Courtney and Dr. Brummel's paper, Measuring Creativity in Software Design, was accepted to the ICCC10 conference in Lisbon, Portugal.
      • Lauren and Ian passed PhD Comprehensive Exams. Congratulations!
      • SIOP - Lauren had her poster accepted to the upcoming conference in Atlanta.
      • Courtney, Brandon, and Lauren have submitted presentations to the IOOB conference in Houston.

      Summer 2009 News

      • Dr. Brummel got married and bought a house. Congratulations!
      • Ian had an internship with DDI.

      Spring 2009 News

      • At SIOP this year, Dr. Brummel, Ian, Lauren and Courtney all presented posters in New Orleans.
      • Ian and Lauren presented their pre-candidacy projects to the department on April 17th, 2009 and received rave reviews.
      • Dr. Brummel and Ian have submitted a commentary about executive coaching that will be published in an upcoming issue of IOP.
      • Lauren received her Master's degree. Congratulations!