Technology Education & Collaborative
2018 Summer Academy

About Students

The TEC summer academy provides rising 8th and 9th grade students with an opportunity to create GIS related projects in the core curriculum using innovative technology. The academy is commuter. Students will be expected to get a ride to TU's campus each day. There will be no overnight guests this year.

The University of Tulsa faculty and selected teachers will develop inquiry-based learning modules centered around the inclusion of technology across the curriculum. Instruction will occur on GIS (geographic information systems) mapping and handheld GPS (global positioning system) as well as technologies such as Google Earth, Sibelius, Publisher, MovieMaker, Comic Life and PowerPoint software.GPS

Following training, master teachers will develop teaching modules for students to explore the same technologies and their potential use across multiple disciplines. Students will also create multi-media presentations on their projects. Students and teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate on their findings throughout the academic year using Blackboard Learn. 


Teachers will receive graduate credit from The University of Tulsa. Students will receive instruction, time to complete collaborative projects and hours of experience using a variety of technologies.

Parents and visitors are invited to attend a final presentation celebration of all the work done during the week.