The following forms are intended for TITAN members who wish to start a project with TITAN.

TITAN Project Proposal Form

This form is to be completed by the student prior to the start of the research project to determine if the proposed project fits within TITAN. The form will be submitted to the co-directors with the supervising faculty member’s signature for approval as a TITAN project.

TITAN Poster Template

This template is to be used by a student or co-director, who is presenting a poster using TITAN data. 

Project Decision Tree

Students wishing to submit a research project to be considered as a TITAN project should consult the Project Decision Tree form in addition to completing the TITAN Project Proposal Form.

Research Assistant Agreement

This form is to be completed by all student researchers and other research assistants working on any TITAN project. It is the responsibility of the Lead student to submit forms signed by each student researcher and the faculty supervisor.

Agreement For Use of TITAN Data

This form is to be completed prior to the start of a research project pursuing a data sharing design or in any other instance where data collected by TITAN is going to be given to any other individual or entity. This form may be completed with all required signatures and approved by the co-directors before any research data is transferred out of TITAN possession.

Paper/Poster Submission Proposal Form

This form is to be completed prior to submission of research data obtained as part of a TITAN project to any conference or meeting. The timeline must have an approval signature of the supervising faculty member before being submitted for consideration.

TITAN Purchase Order and Reimbursement Request Form

This form is to be completed when TITAN funds have been approved to purchase an item or service. If the purchase is being made directly from the TITAN account this form should be filled out and approved prior to the purchase. If the purchase was made by an individual this form can be completed (with receipts attached) and approved for reimbursement after the purchase.

Conference Funding Information Form

This form contains information regarding conference funding for TITAN projects. Students requesting funding assistance will need to fill out the application for the Student Research Grant Program through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.